Must-have iOS, Android productivity apps

Must-have iOS, Android productivity apps

Summary: There's a huge range of productivity apps in the market, but which ones are deemed the best?


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  • OneReceipt

    Name: OneReceipt

    Developer: OneReceipt

    Price: Free


    Scrabbling to organize work and personal receipts can be a pain, and so apps like OneReceipt can time out of the process. OneReceipt can be used to capture and store both email and paper receipts, and by using your smartphone's camera you can add an automatic log of your expenses. Email receipts can be set to automatically log via Gmail or Yahoo accounts, and you can also categorize your records. The app also includes a monthly spending summary and shipping tracker service. 

  • Things

    Name: Things

    Developer: Cultured Code

    Price: $9.99


    Things is an intuitive task manager suitable as a companion for your daily and working life. You can organize your tasks by date, check items off in 'to do' lists, stay on top of work projects and use tags to assign priority tasks, times and categories, whether a task be personal or work-related. 

    Things Cloud also backs up your data so you won't lose your tasks if something goes wrong on your iOS device.


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  • This would be great if only...

    you also include the name of each of the apps beside/next to each of the image because the image themselves clearly doesn't tell me what or how I can find it.
    • First two

      Included the app's name and a description including their price, nicely done. However, the rest of the pics do not have a write up. Editing/posting problem?
  • Laziest article ever?

    I mean, just screenshots? Really?
  • Nice....

    Yay. A bunch of pictures with no descriptions. Handy!!
  • am i correct?

    image 4 is documents?
    image 11 is evernote
  • The article is broken

    Only the first two or three parts of the article are actually there.
    • RE: The article is broken

      You must have viewed it using a mobile browser. I got the same thing when I tried on my phone, using both Chrome and Dolphin. Appears fine on desktop Chrome though (provided you aren't using a script blocker).

      I've noticed that the CBS Interactive sites in general often have problems when viewed via mobile. CBSI is pretty clearly *not* embracing the "mobile first" approach that seems to be catching on. I don't know if it's due to incompetance, or antipathy, or Mr. Moonves' apparent antipathy toward non-traditional means of media consumption.
  • Anyone want to buy a chocolate teapot?

  • Did something get lost in the editing process?

    After a couple of captions, the rest of this set are just pictures. Version 2.0, anyone?
    • RE: Did something...

      See my comment above.
  • Ahh, Galleries, when journalist want to actlike they are doing something...

    useful, but really are only filling time, taking up bandwidth by forcing readers to click a whole bunch of times, etc... I really hope advertisers are reading these posts, as e-zines, and ZDNET in particular, are they Kings/Queens of posts that leave a lot to be desired.
  • Not worth it!

    Why pay for Turboscan when Google drive does this for free? Google drive will scan any document, OCR it and convert it to PDF and upload it to your Google drive...all for free! What's not to love?
  • nothing but an advertisement for paid apps

    Every one of the apps you mention can be better served with a free version...and usually from Google...for instance, why pay for a remote desktop client when you can just use Google desktop for free?
  • LogMeIn is no longer free.

    LogMeIn used to be free for personal use. this app is now free only for trials.