Nokia Lumia 1020 gets 25 September UK launch, prices revealed

Nokia Lumia 1020 gets 25 September UK launch, prices revealed

Summary: Pre-orders have opened for Nokia's 41-megapixel 1020 device, with all the major mobile networks to offer the Windows Phone 8 handset.

The Nokia 1020 with camera grip accessory. Image: Nokia

Nokia's flagship handset, the Lumia 1020, is coming to the UK later this month.

The imaging-focused device, which carries a 41-megapixel sensor, will be available from 25 September, following its US launch earlier this year.

Pre-orders for the device are already open, with all four of the major UK mobile networks slated to stock the device at launch.

The 1020 is available in two sizes, 32GB and 64GB, latter of which will only be available on O2 for now.

O2 is offering the 1020 on its 24-month Refresh 3G plans, which cost between £12 and £27 a month and come with data allowances of between 750MB and 4GB. For 4G equivalents, the Refresh plans range from £22 to £32 with data allowances of between 1GB and 4GB.

The Lumia 1020 will also be available on O2's Standard tariffs varying between £11 a month, with 100MB of data and 50 call minutes, and £27 per month, with 300 minutes and a 500MB data allowance.

O2's upfront device charge is between £639.99 to free, depending on the monthly tariff.

Three has also already listed its tariffs for the Lumia 1020, which will cost £69 upfront with a 24-month contract at either £34, £26 or £38 a month. Those who don't fancy signing up for a contract will have to pay £549.99 for the device outright.

Both Three and O2 are offering free accessories packages with pre-orders, which include the 1020's camera grip add-on.

Resellers Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U are also carrying the device. EE and Vodafone have yet to detail their 1020 pricing.

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  • shame

    pity no one will buy it because its a windows phone but nice try i guess
    beau parisi
    • actually

      Most people pass on this phone because it is an exclusive to AT&T here in the USA. Of Nokia PR Balmer had a brain in their head, they would never have made this an exclusive because a lot of people wanted this camera in a smartphone for a few years now.
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