Orange preloads Lookout Android security suite after funding boost

Orange preloads Lookout Android security suite after funding boost

Summary: Orange, T-Mobile and EE customers in the UK will soon be getting Lookout's mobile security suite preloaded on their new Android devices, as part of an extensive arrangement between the provider and security firm.


People in the UK who buy an Android phone from Orange, T-Mobile or EE will soon find a mobile security suite from Lookout preinstalled, following a deal struck between the operator and the anti-malware firm.

Lookout announced the move in a blog post on Tuesday, in which it said the Lookout Mobile Security suite would come standard on Orange Android phones in the UK, France, Spain and Slovakia starting in 2013. The suite is apparently already preinstalled on the Sony Mint phone (also known as the Xperia T) in France.

Lookout's product is intended to block malware, prevent data loss and mitigate privacy threats. It also provides a remote locking and phone location service, should the device get lost or stolen — a feature called Signal Flare records the phone's last known location when the battery gets low, theoretically making it easier to find even when the battery dies.

Orange also said that it may bundle premium Lookout features in some markets.


Meanwhile, Orange has also made what it terms a 'strategic investment' in Lookout through its Orange & Publicis venture capital operation. The figures have not been disclosed, although TechCrunch theorises that it may be up to $20m (£12.5m).

"It is critical we help protect our customers, and this partnership with Lookout allows us to provide additional protection for our customers without them having to take any action, or become experts on mobile security," Orange Technocentre chief Paul-François Fournier said in a statement.

"By partnering with and investing in Lookout, we are ensuring that we will continue to help keep our customers safe in the future, and that the Orange & Publicis fund managed by Iris Capital is supporting a company that is positioned to become a global leader in the digital economy."

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  • Linux based = zilllions of security vulnerabilities....

    Linux based = zilllions of security vulnerabilities....just like the server and desktop distributions....

    For instance SUSE 10 - now nearly 4,000 known vulnerabilities....
    • SUSE is GNU/Linux, Android is not GNU/Linux

      What they have in common is the Linux kernel.

      Personally, I would much rather see Google merge relevant SEAndroid code into their Android code base and set some reasonable default SELinux policies. As well as provide users and mobile administrators tools to manage policies.

      I would not be interested in Lookout's or any of their competitors mobile security suite.
      Rabid Howler Monkey