Round-up: EE's 4G phones and prices

Round-up: EE's 4G phones and prices

Summary: T-Mobile and Orange's parent EE has now revealed tariffs for its 4G network in the UK. Here's a look at the operator's line-up of 4G phones, how they compare and what it will cost you to get one.


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  • Nokia Lumia 820

    The Nokia Lumia 820 is also not yet released, but again is expected to come out after the launch of Windows Phone 8 on 29 October, probably alongside the switch-on for EE's 4G network on 30 October.

    As a guide to its probable price, the Lumia 820 is expected to be £395 SIM-free. 

    The Lumia 820 is almost exactly the same as the flagship 920 device, except for a smaller display (4.3-inches compared to 4.5 inches) and a slightly smaller battery.

    Image: Ben Woods

  • LG Optimus True HD P936

    EE is also offering plans for people who don't need to buy a phone along with service. These contracts, which come with unlimited minutes and texts, have tariffs based on the amount of bundled data.

    For 500MB, the cost is £21 a month, while 1GB is £26, 3GB is £31 and 5GB is £36. No 8GB is listed for SIM-free plans.

    A handful of 4G-ready phones are available in the UK, such as the LG Optimus True HD P936 shown here. However, any smartphone needs to be compatible with EE's 4G network. 

    "By compatible, we mean it's a 4G phone that you've bought either directly from Orange or T-Mobile. Or on those networks through an indirect retailer," EE says on its website.

    This caveat doesn't apply to the iPhone 5, if bought from Apple, Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U.

    EE is also trying to woo existing T-Mobile or Orange customers to its 4G services. If they recently bought a non-4G versions of the handsets, the operator will let them swap it via a £99 upgrade.


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