Samsung Galaxy S4 confirmed for UK mobile networks

Samsung Galaxy S4 confirmed for UK mobile networks

Summary: With the exception of O2 which won't say either way, all of the UK's major operators have confirmed they will stock the next flagship Galaxy device,


The next device in the Galaxy range, expected to be the Samsung Galaxy S4, will be supported by the UK's mobile operators when it's announced on Thursday.

Vodafone, Three, Orange, T-Mobile and EE have all confirmed they will be offering the device.

EE, which is an amalgamation of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, said it will be offering the handset across all three of its networks and has already got a 'register your interest' page live for customers wanting to be kept up to date on the handset's progress.

Similarly, the Three network has also confirmed that it will be offering the device on its all-you-can-eat data packages.

Vodafone has a page on its site which allows consumers to register their details to be kept "updated on everything about the next Galaxy", suggesting it, too, will be offering the device.

O2 was the only UK network not to commit to offering the device just yet, but said it "offers a range of the best phones on the market".

None of the networks would give any indication of pricing, nor did they refer to the handset by name, opting only for "the next Galaxy" instead.

While none of the specs of the device have been officially revealed by Samsung, there have been a number of leaks suggesting that it will have an 8-core processor, 13-megapixel camera, and a five-inch low-power display.

It has also been suggested that Samsung will continue along the lines of its gesture features and introduce eye-tracking technology that automatically scrolls down or up the screen while reading.

The device is set to be unveiled in New York on Thursday.

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  • As if................

    As if none of them would offer it. They are trying to make money right??

    What would Vodafone offer instead? HTC, that'll go well for them........
  • And

    Why on earth do you have a subject line (mandatory) and then not show it on your android app?

    Makes it nonsensical and a bit silly......
  • supported and offering

    Your article reads a bit like O2 haven't committed to be supporting the S4 on their network, whereas infact the network will obviously support it.
    I know you mean subsidised phones offered as part of a contract, but "supported" by "mobile operators" really means something else.

    If I like the S4 I will be buying one outright and using it on O2's infrastructure with no issues (depending on 4G-LTE frequencies the S4 radio supports)
  • And if you are in Canada....

    [Ya I know this is a UK column], all major players are signed on to have them out within the next 3 months.