Strange & stupid ways to destroy your iPhone, iPad

Strange & stupid ways to destroy your iPhone, iPad

Summary: Liquid nitrogen, honey, acid, lava, microwaves -- what could possibly go wrong?


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  • Dip your iPad and iPhone in honey

    In celebration of the Jewish New Year, Mendy Pellin decided that his iPad and iPhone needed sweetening up. 

  • Combine a car with an iPhone

    Superglue, car and iPhone -- meet the iCar, the best protection for tyre protection.


  • Liquid nitrogen

    The lesson to take away? You know high quality when a mobile device continues to function while submerged in liquid nitrogen. 


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  • One to add

    As of another report today on this site, another strange and stupid way to get rid of an iPad is to trade it in for an MS tablet!
  • Funny chatroulette troll

    One guy convinced a random person on Chatroulette that you could charge an iPhone 4 in one minute by putting it in the microwave. The idiot actually tried it. It was hilarious.

    "Why is it sparking? Why is there smoke coming from it?!"
    Jacob VanWagoner
  • Apple has found its own way

    The best way to destroy an iPhone is to make them candy colored.
    • It is even simpler than that.

      I found the easiest way to destroy my iPad is to update to the latest iOS version. Safari is one beasty crashing monster these days.
  • Sorry, not going to put up with your asinine

    gallery engine just to see the pictures in this story.
    • Seriously

      Every sh*tty site showing "10 worst tattoos" or "25 bread products that look like Jesus" has either a better gallery or at least a way you can see all the items on one page. ZDNet should seriously look into this.
  • just use it

    like most of the igeneration does. Use it to babysit your kid. I'll bet a lot of them are trashed that way.
  • Sure, why not. You already...

    ... melted your brain by buying one.
  • lol

    You forgot abt the one Toddy breaking his ipad on his horn ;-)
  • Wow...

    I'm glad this only works on iDevices... (/sarcasm)
  • Being pedantic here...

    I've noticed that ZDNet writers have a habit of replacing the ampersand (&) with a comma - e.g. in the title '... iPhone, iPad'. Why? It looks silly and uneducated.
  • Way too much time

    Some people have way too much time on their hands. I was three pix into this when I thought, GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH MY TIME THAN LOOK AT THE REST OF THEM. Ok, well, I did waste time commenting on this useless post.