Three UK signs Huawei to manage its network

Three UK signs Huawei to manage its network

Summary: Huawei will take care of the operator's core and transport networks, while systems integrator Tech Mahindra will handle its ICT applications.


The Chinese telecoms kit firm Huawei has signed a managed services agreement with the UK operator Three.

The deal, announced on Monday, will see Huawei manage Three's core network and transport network. Three's ICT applications also fall into the deal, although Huawei is subcontracting that part to systems integrator Tech Mahindra.

"The decision to select Huawei to manage core network operations follows a rigorous procurement process," Three UK chief Dave Dyson said in a statement. "We chose the partner that best met our requirements and which matched our long-term vision of how our network should be managed."

Under the terms of agreement, "a number of permanent roles" will move over from Three to Huawei and Tech Mahindra. Dyson said this meant "existing team experience" would continue to support the operator's core network management.

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  • nevilish

    Enjoy having your packets being deeply inspected, guinea pigs! Might as well be the UK, since you once invited Hitler over for tea and appeasements.
    • This is not a trend that should continue.

      Now I need to find a way to avoid having any of my traffic pass through their Chinese routers, or have all my banking transactions directed to Chinese sites and emptying my accounts. Not good. Not good at all.
  • Cheap and high quality, why not?