Top apps for use with Google Docs

Top apps for use with Google Docs

Summary: Which are some of the best apps to help you organize your life and sync your files across Google services?


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  • NoteMaster

    Name: NoteMaster

    Developer: Kabuki Vision

    Price: $3.99

    CompatibilityiOS | Android

    NoteMaster is a straightforward app for taking notes. Connected up with Dropbox or Google Drive, users can create notes, to-do lists and tasks -- inserting text, images, photos and drawings as you go -- before uploading and backing up data through cloud storage. Information is automatically synced when you open and close the app. Notes synced with Dropbox become .docx files, while files synced with Google Drive are saved as Google Docs documents, allowing editing and viewing online. 

  • Awesome Note

    Name: Awesome Note

    Developer: BRID

    Price: $3.99


    Awesome Note is another Google Drive-ready app which includes a note taker, to-do list, diary, reminder service and ongoing project features. The app, which also integrates within the iOS Calendar and Reminder systems, supports photo, map and drawing attachments to notes, backup via Wi-Fi and iTunes sharing. You can also sync your files and transfer them to Evernote. 

  • Spanning Stats

    NameSpanning Stats

    Developer: Google

    While not an app, Spanning Stats requires a mention. The extension allows users to analyze their Google Drives and Docs usage, including how many files are being stored, the types of files, how much storage is used by space-heavy media such as films and music, and when you are most actively using the service. 

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  • Cam Scanner Pro

    Does the same. I've been using it since SGS2 released.