Unusual and odd uses for 3D printing

Unusual and odd uses for 3D printing

Summary: Now that 3D printing has gone beyond the world of manufacturing, we're seeing a number of interesting and, frankly, odd uses of the technology.

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  • 3D printed meats

    The future production of food is likely to be a problem as the human population expands and so do our meat requirements. Beyond scientists that are trying to create test-tube burger meat in labs to prepare for the potential crisis, the Thiel Foundation has awarded Modern Meadow funds to try and create bioprinted meat to satisfy the human need for protein.

    The image above, created by Modern Meadow, shows how many resources are consumed through livestock raising and meat production. In contrast, the company wants to use 3D printing to create synthetic meat in a less resource-hungry manner.

    Via: CNET

    Image credit: Modern Meadow

  • 3D mugshots from DNA

    The analysis of crime scenes and witness reports can be more of an art than a science.

    One problem is that witnesses may not recall a face clearly, and so investigators run the risk of sending the wrong suspect behind bars if they rely too heavily on this kind of evidence.

    However, new technology promises to change that.

    Mark Shriver, of Pennsylvania State University, and colleagues have spent months gathering 3D images and the DNA of hundreds of volunteers. Over time, they managed to plot over 7,000 facial points of reference, which has then been fed in to software that links similarities between facial features, DNA, race, and gender.

    The team found that only 20 genes with 24 variants proved to be "reliable indicators" of facial shapes — and by using 3D printing, human heads with resemblance to the volunteers were created based on their DNA. If there is DNA at a crime scene, it is possible that suspects can be discovered, and witness reports may be less of a factor in proving a crime. 

    Via: SmartPlanet

    Image credit: PLOS ONE

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • To the amusement of the fools ?

    For example . .
    A viable vacuum chamber enhanced production facility that can produce durable components cost's $ millions
    and will probably do so in the foreseeable future.
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    Nice-looking girl on image number 5 (you?). But her arm looks scaringly thin: rather like a case of anorexia....
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  • Prediction

    Within five years, there will be a thriving black market in 3D-printed goods.
    John L. Ries