Windows 8 London launch: 'Is this a queue for the iPad mini?'

Windows 8 London launch: 'Is this a queue for the iPad mini?'

Summary: Microsoft's Windows 8 is here, but with no UK launch activities I was slightly dubious as to how many people would drag themselves to central London for Currys/PC World's launch event. So, just how many did?


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  • While the Spanish brothers were first in the queue, they hit a bit of a hiccup when it came to actually paying.

    Pictured above is the moment when our number-one man was told that they would have to go to another till as the keyboard had gone a bit wonky at this one. Not the happiest looking face, which is fair enough after seven hours of standing in line.

    Image: Ben Woods

  • As a result of the till's keyboard failure, the first people to exit the store were actually about numbers four and five from the queue - incidentally, one of them was the woman who started the "Windows 8 will be great" chant. They scurried off home pretty quickly, clearly having had enough of posing for photos and talking to the likes of me.

    And then, just as I was packing up and about to leave (I was actually stood talking with a Microsoft exec at the time) a random passerby on Tottenham Court Road staggered up to us and asked: "Is this the queue for the iPad mini launch?"

    No, my friend, it's not.

    Image: Ben Woods

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  • Windows 8 London launch: 'Is this a queue for the iPad mini?'

    The Microsoft Windows 8 London launch was a success! Look at all those people lined up. I wish I could have been there but London is a bit far for me. Good to see the smiles on their faces because Microsoft Windows 8 put it there.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Um...

      Those smiles are probably more to do with a heavily discounted HP laptop and a free pair of headphones that they can stick on ebay. How long would that queue have been if they were queueing _just_ to buy Windows 8? My guess is not very.
      • .

        Did somebody not have his nap time?

        Longer than girls would queue to see you judging by your picture.
        • A classic example of an ad-hominem attack.

          I am truly appalled by some of the responses from MS Zealots.
          • Zealots...

            When I see someone use that term I usually just apply it to them. I mean why do you care? I don't own any Apple products but I don't call the people who queue up for gadgets zealots. It's their money.
          • Eh? What are you talking about?

            I'm commenting on the appalling rudeness of danjames2012's post. How on Earth did you believe otherwise?!

            Do you have reading difficulties?
          • ....

          • A classic example of a reactionary ad-hominem attack

            to a pro Microsoft reply, IMO
            William Farrel
      • Its because of Microsoft Windows 8

        These people are in line and they are getting Microsoft Windows 8. A lot of media was made about this store having the midnight special. Its so cool that Microsoft can still get that kind of interest i their products.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • No...

          No you're just a big stupid biased trolling jerk. Don't worry about it.
          • No I'm not

            Look at the pictures. Read the story. Microsoft Windows 8 is released at midnight. People are lined up at midnight. People are smiling.

            Windows 8 + People = smiles
            Loverock Davidson-
          • 213

            Yes, in line 213. Wonder if they have tried Windows 8 yet?
        • Maybe change your username?

          Your stuff has become so transparent and cloying, I should think you'll find a better response by changing your name. Do you get the bonus either way?
      • Perhaps

        Either way, the price on that HP is amazing, and I would have snatched up a couple!
    • Perhaps not so much?

      A little premature?
      • Yawn.

        Lets see - on one day you point out that that nobody buys PC at these places, they get them cheaper online, then point out that nobody is buying a new tablet at the store?

        Could it be they might get one cheaper online? And they weren't selling the Surface. But then I also remember there where no lines for the release of Windows 7, yet it alone has outsold the total number of Mac computers combined.

        So I'm not sure what you're getting at. Though I am sure of one thing -I see some of the usual ones here getting even more frantic now that it's officaily released. Look what Windows 8 has reduced SC to.

        Sad and funny at the same time.
        William Farrel
        • Confused, illogical and desperate

          What a pathetic response.

          "on one day you point out that that nobody buys PC at these places, they get them cheaper online, then point out that nobody is buying a new tablet at the store?"

          Please provide a link. I never made such a post/claim.

          I responded to LD's proclamation of a launch success in London with a link, suggesting his proclamation may be premature. You respond with a largely incomprehensible rant.

          Utterly pathetic, even for a shill.
      • Article is wrong

        The Inquirer is known to be biased against Microsoft so I took the whole article with a grain of salt. It never stated how long they were there and how long the sales rep they talked to had been working that day or how many sales reps they talked to before one said that he didn't see any Microsoft Windows 8 devices due to his shift just starting. Also the article doesn't add up when you have that many people waiting in line for the known Microsoft Windows 8 launch and they are saying not one person bought it. I just can't find that to be plausible. Article has too many holes it in to take it seriously.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • Too dumb for words

          They were there and you were not.

          You drew conclusions based on a picture and The Inquirer actually went to the store.

          But you know the facts.

          I guess that makes sense to your tortured mind.
          • the article

            And I showed you why the article was wrong.
            Loverock Davidson-