Windows 8 to get midnight launch at PC World and Currys in London

Windows 8 to get midnight launch at PC World and Currys in London

Summary: The retail group's store on Tottenham Court Road in London will mark the occasion on Friday with a giant touchscreen running Windows 8, and a number of special offers.


The PC World and Currys store on Tottenham Court Road will open at 00.01am on Friday to mark the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS.

As part of its "exclusive" early opening, the retail group's store in central London will put up a 60-inch screen with video showing off Microsoft's touch-based Windows 8 OS.

"This is a major new development in computing technology, and we are expecting really strong sales of Windows 8 products in the run-up to Christmas and beyond," Ben Lovett, spokesperson for Currys and PC World, said in a statement on Monday. "The team at our Currys and PC World store on Tottenham Court Road is anticipating a long queue outside the store throughout Thursday evening."

The company said it would be offering discounts on four HP laptops running Windows 8 to customers who attend Friday's launch.

Friday not only sees the arrival of Windows 8, but also Microsoft's Surface tablet. The cheapest version of Surface — the 32GB model with no Touch Cover keyboard — has apparently already sold out in the UK on pre-order. Windows Phone 8 is set to follow with a launch on 29 October.

PC World on Tottenham Court Road has opened its doors early before — it stole a march on the Apple Store in March by opening at midnight for the launch of the iPad 3, although the queue on that occasion formed only an hour before opening.

In the US, Microsoft is opening 32 pop-up stores around the country to coincide with the Surface tablet's launch, with the store in Times Square, New York opening at midnight.

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  • Ah yes, those computer experts at Currys and PC World

    Seems MS are getting a bit desparate? No plush Apple-style store for them, just Currys and PC World!
  • Windows 8 to get midnight launch at PC World and Currys in London

    You know people will be buying right at 00:01 so they can be the first with it and I'd have to congratulate them for doing that. Friday is the day we are all looking forward to so we can finally get our hands on copies of Microsoft Windows 8. I need to check the stores around here to see if any are doing the same, if so then I'll need to stock up on the pepsi because I'll be up all night. Don't have to worry about work the next day either. This is so exciting!
    Loverock Davidson-
  • I'll be buying my Windows 8 upgrade at midnight

    Of course, I'll be buying it online like tens of millions of others so no, it isn't likely that there will be any line ups anywhere.
  • I for one cannot wait...

    To finally get my hands on a REAL tablet device and ditch this useless iPad. I still don't believe Apple has sold 5 million iPhones, I want PROOF!

    I've already asked to take my lunch hour from Taco Bell at midnight on Thursday so I can get in line at Best Buy!