Ultimate road-warrior tech at CeBIT

Ultimate road-warrior tech at CeBIT

Summary: We've spent the week walking the 30-plus halls at CeBIT to pick out the best pieces of kit for the serious road warrior — whether your need is small, light and cheap or a bit more esoteric, there will be something here for you

TOPICS: Hardware

If you need more a lot of computing power on the road — perhaps for fast deployment to crisis areas — the ultimate power/portability combination is Sun's Blackbox data-centre-in-a-shipping container. At €500k (£343k) without the servers, cooling and switches and so on, it is also significantly cheaper than a bricks-and-mortar data centre. Sun is also offering short-term leases of the box.

Sun claims that the facility is 20 percent more energy efficient than a standard data centre and takes a tenth of the time to deploy, but it still requires a decent power source.

A box with 600Amps running through it requires good cooling — that's what the pipes below are for, and they help keep anything up to 500CPUs running in ambient outside temperatures that can range from -22ºC to 55ºC.

The data centre is fitted with standard 19-inch racks, which Sun claims can be more tightly packed than is possible in a traditional data centre. A slider mechanism allows the racks to be pulled into the extremely narrow service aisle.

Topic: Hardware

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