Unhappy Easter for Vodafone SMS

Unhappy Easter for Vodafone SMS

Summary: Vodafone customers were unable to send Easter greetings yesterday, with text message services down for most of Sunday.

TOPICS: Outage, Telcos

Vodafone customers were unable to send Easter greetings yesterday, with text message services down for most of Sunday.

The outage began at 2:30pm yesterday, causing many users to take to Twitter to complain about being unable to send SMS messages. This morning, "vodafail" was still the top trending topic on Twitter in Australia.

"Dear #vodafail, thanks for making Easter as crap as Christmas and any other busy time. Hopeless," wrote one customer on Twitter.

A Facebook group dedicated to the error titled "Hang on, I'll text you. LOL jk I'm with Vodafone", attracted some 20,000 members in the time of the outage.

According to Vodafone's network status page, the nation-wide outage was not resolved until 9:30pm yesterday evening.

"Users may have ... experienced difficulties in sending SMS. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience," Vodafone said.

ZDNet Australia contacted Vodafone Hutchison Australia for comment regarding what had caused the system failure, however no response had been received at the time of publication.

Vodafone began a massive national overhaul of its network equipment earlier this month. The revamp is starting on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Topics: Outage, Telcos


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  • So glad not to be with Vodafone any more.
  • when do we get free credit for this inconvenience ???? a years free credit would be nice ???
  • Not happy at all, i couldnt txt but i could call? very dissapointed in vodafone, thinking of changing phone companys as im sick of never having service and the one day i wanna send messages i couldnt.
  • When one pays peanuts, one gets monkeys
    Vasso Massonic
  • So the $30m Telstra paid to their previous CEO was peanuts then??????
  • Vodafone blows the big one!
  • Do you know whatelse vodafone doesn't do? Vodafone did not sell SAMSUNG table 10v1 based on the specification. The specification said it had USB port /connectivity and USB Card connectivity. The reality is that it was just a recharger connectivity where the other hand was the USB cord. I thought it was like a laptop where you could plug the portable Hard disk directly to the laptop but you could not do with tablet as it did not have a dedicated USB port. Similarly, it does not have a separate SD Card. Instead it shares with SIM Card. I asked the money back but the prepaid department had not replied me since two weeks. So I lodged the complain to TIO immediately. Guess what? The web page containing the specification was removed from vodafone website and three days later they bribed me with $50 prepaid credit card so it was like discounting my tablet (I paid for $729) with $50. They thought They would shut my mouth. I would still make complains to TIO for making false advertisement.