Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Summary: Here are tips, tricks, mods and gadgets to make your smartphone's camera more interesting.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Use a laser pointer to create a macro lens

    By dissecting an old laser pointer and removing the focusing lens from within, you can attach this in front of your smartphone camera's lens using little more than some duct tape and a hairpin. Try zooming in now -- and enjoy your makeshift macro lens. 

    Via: randoh12

  • HELMUT Film Scanner

    The Helmut film scanner, available on Android, transforms your phone into a photographic film scanner. When you capture images through the camera or alternatively store them in a gallery after shooting them with a DSLR, save the frame using the Helmut application. Crop, tweak, and use a number of color balance tools after the scan to digitize your old negatives. 

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Another stolen click..

    Just so you know, buying a camera case is NOT considered DIY. A different title would (less misleading) would have been nice.
    Yopel Finkestein