Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Summary: Here are tips, tricks, mods and gadgets to make your smartphone's camera more interesting.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Make your smartphone a thermal camera?

    There are a few thermal-imaging apps for mobile devices on the market, but they are generally not very flexible and limited in effects. Instead, you can pre-order the $325 Kickstarter-backed Mu Thermal Imager, which is due for release in a few months.

    The product turns your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer into a thermal camera with a resolution of up to 19200 pixels simply by clipping it on. 

    Via: Mu Optrics

  • Create a pinhole camera

    A simple idea for creating a pinhole camera to create different effects with your smartphone for the retro fans. Gather scissors, tape, a needle, cardboard and your smartphone, take the cardboard and poke a hole in the center of a small square using the needle, and then line up the hole with the smartphone camera lens -- using the camera function will make the job easier.

    Next, secure the cardboard with tape, and voila!

    Via: Robynonline

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Another stolen click..

    Just so you know, buying a camera case is NOT considered DIY. A different title would (less misleading) would have been nice.
    Yopel Finkestein