Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Summary: Here are tips, tricks, mods and gadgets to make your smartphone's camera more interesting.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Water drops that create a macro lens

    One of the oldest tricks in the book, but still a valuable tip -- and free to implement. An alternative way to create a macro lens on your smartphone camera is simple enough -- place a drop of water on the lens and flip the camera over quickly so it does not spill, then have fun.  


  • Photojojo iPhone and Android Lens Series

    If you're not interested in creating your own smartphone lenses, a reasonably-priced set of different lenses can be bought from Photojojo. Available for both iPhone and Android-based phones as well as a variety of other devices, the aluminium lenses are equipped with an adhesive removable metal ring to magnetically attach the lens to your phone. 

    Fisheye, wide angle, macro and telephoto lenses are available. 

    Via: Photojojo

  • The Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

    If you want to push your smartphone's camera to the limit and try out underwater photography, the Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit is a tough case to protect your phone -- while you use the inbuilt three-element wide-angle lens to take pictures.

    The case is available for $130, and can be purchased with the 'super sucker' for $180. 

    Via: Photojojo

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Another stolen click..

    Just so you know, buying a camera case is NOT considered DIY. A different title would (less misleading) would have been nice.
    Yopel Finkestein