Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Unusual, DIY ways to modify your smartphone's camera

Summary: Here are tips, tricks, mods and gadgets to make your smartphone's camera more interesting.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • The iPhone Lens Dial

    The iPhone's camera is pretty good, but if you want to turn things up a notch, the iPhone lens dial is a cool-looking magnetized accessory that gives photographers access to three different lenses just by rotating the disc. 

    The accessory -- priced at $249 -- has three glass lenses: a wide angle (0.7x), fisheye (0.33x) and telephoto (1.5x), as well as an additional macro lens for the iPhone 5/5s version. Two tripod mounts are included.

    Via: Photojojo

  • Tilt and shift

    You can do more than create makeshift macro and pinhole lenses with your smartphone. How about a tilt and shift effect?

    By using a cheap CCTV lens, such as a Goyo 4.5mm, you can manufacture a DIY Tilt-Shift; take it apart, then combine the front element with one of the back elements using plastic screws. Once complete, using rubber bands and a smartphone case, you can put the makeshift lens in place. 

    Via: Maciej Pietuszynski 


  • How to create an iPhone ring light

    Ring lights are used by photographers to give shadows less glow and soften images. While often expensive, you can make your iPhone a ring light for less than $20. 

    You will need a rubber case for your phone, velcro, scissors and an LED camping light. After cutting the velcro to the width of your phone case and sticking the tap to the ring -- ideally with the lights 'on' button centered at the opposite side of the velcro -- all you need to do is line up line up the ring and the lens of your camera and velcro one to the other.

    Via: DIY photography

Topics: Mobile OS, Mobility

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  • Another stolen click..

    Just so you know, buying a camera case is NOT considered DIY. A different title would (less misleading) would have been nice.
    Yopel Finkestein