Up and coming must-watch startups

Up and coming must-watch startups

Summary: We have a look at six startups that have already caught our eye this year.


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  • There are some awesome startups coming out of stealth mode, securing funding or showcasing some great technology soluitions. Here are the startups to watch in 2014

    Image: Corvan

  • Boombotix

    Boombotix, the San Francisco based venture was founded on the vision to make the best portable speaker experience. These weatherproof speakers, Boombots, feature premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a ruggedized shell built to last.

    Its speakers are built with an emphasis on refined industrial design and technology optimized for the active lifestyle interface with smartphones, tablets, laptops and most mobile devices. These ultraportable speakers claim to be the new evolution of mobile audio.  The company received $4M in Series A funding in January 2014.

    Image: Boombotix

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