Up and coming must-watch startups

Up and coming must-watch startups

Summary: We have a look at six startups that have already caught our eye this year.


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  • Mojn

    Mojn is a venture-backed software startup from Copenhagen, Denmark which has an email product for e-commerce marketers. It was was established in 2013 by Carsten Hyldahl and Thomas Jensen and enables you to deliver automatically personalised product based email campaigns for specific user segments.  

    You can send these campaigns straight from your existing email service provider such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and others.

    Image: Mojn

  • Adallom

    Adallom is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security company which enables enterprises to secure their SaaS applications by monitoring application usage, auditing user activity, and protecting users and information from threats in real time.

    The mechanism plugs into the authentication chain of each SaaS application to ensure monitoring every time each user logged in from wherever they are, on any device and any browser, Adallom captures their activities as part of the authentication process.

    The solution extends the boundaries of enterprise security into the cloud, moving control, visibility, and detection directly into SaaS, away from devices and perimeters.

    Founded in 2012 by alumni of the Israeli Intelligence Corps, Adallom is available in a private cloud or a SaaS-based solution.


  • Kantox

    Kantox works across the Financial Exchange industry and offers SME's and mid-caps a “pioneering currency exchange” solution usually only available to large companies.

    Instead of bids and offers, the mid-market rates are displayed on its platform to provide full transparency meaning trades can be closed in just one click.

    Image: Kantox

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