Up and coming must-watch startups

Up and coming must-watch startups

Summary: We have a look at six startups that have already caught our eye this year.


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  • Kantox

    Kantox works across the Financial Exchange industry and offers SME's and mid-caps a “pioneering currency exchange” solution usually only available to large companies.

    Instead of bids and offers, the mid-market rates are displayed on its platform to provide full transparency meaning trades can be closed in just one click.

    Image: Kantox

  • Vungle

    Vungle's technology helps thousands of app developers around the world make money and enhance their apps with video ads. The company helps mobile application developers promote and monetize their apps through in-app video trailers.

    Vungle wants to make ads that people actually enjoy. The company enables developers to get a short, snappy video trailer made and distributed through Vungle's in-app mobile video platform. It also generates incremental revenue for developers by displaying video trailers inside of their apps. The company received $17M in Series B funding in February 2014.

    Image: Vungle


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