Upcycled Tech: 24 new uses for your old Hardware

Upcycled Tech: 24 new uses for your old Hardware

Summary: Wondering what to do with your old device now you have the latest shiny gadget? Here's some upcycling inspiration if you need something to do during the holidays


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  • Upcycled keyboard calendar

    Credit: Trendhunter

  • Floppy disk pencil holder

    Credit: Thrifty Ninja

  • Upcycled resonator earrings

    Surface Accoustic Wave (SAW) dual-port resonators

    Credit: Etsy

Topics: After Hours, Apple, Hardware, Microsoft

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  • Funny

    A few were really reaching for it.
    Some were OK.
  • Makes Me Think

    Tho' I agree with Moe, this now makes me go thro' any inventory of recyclables for ideas of cute/clever conversion.
    But this Gallery mode is such antiquated and difficult to negotiate technology. Lots of posters over time mention this. Get rid of it.
    If I can case the lot at a glance, I don't have to waste time and bother with the pages that don't appeal to or interest me. And having to scroll for view is such an inefficiency. But ZDNet doesn't want to listen.
    I skip most Galleries because they're such a pain.
  • Floppy Disk pencil holder

    I have one on my desk at work.
  • Funky and Geeky craft ideas

    I wish I had the skill, tools, and materials to make some of these!
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  • Mac Mouse Belt Buckle

    Okay, I'm all for it, but how does it work? Do you click the button to unbuckle the belt?!
    Richard Estes
  • reushed tech

    Love the ideas on the post, especially the earrings, very creative in my opinion.