US Court of Appeals reverses Galaxy Nexus ban, will unified search return?

US Court of Appeals reverses Galaxy Nexus ban, will unified search return?

Summary: Samsung earned a minor victory in the Apple legal battle with a federal court reversing the Galaxy Nexus ban and unified search limitation.


Apple and Samsung's legal battle resulted in a pre-trial injunction that banned sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Samsung then released a software patch, appeared on the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III devices, that turned off the unified search. We now hear that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal District has overturned the injunction that caused the software patch to be released.

There may be more legal steps taken by Apple, I am not a lawyer so am not fully versed on the process, but I am left wondering if Samsung can release another patch that flips the switch back on for unified search. I never used it on my devices and part of the court's statement related to the fact that Apple did not show consumers bought these devies because of the unified search functionality. It was more of a nice to have, but not an essential, defining feature. I wonder if Samsung can now sue Apple for possible lost sales due to the sales ban. The legal game just goes on and on.

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  • Samsung is illegally paying them off!

    Samsung is illegally paying them off!
    • Or is Apple?

      Here is a comment I made on BloombergBusinessweek:

      I feel sorry for all the fools who snapped up AAPL shares at $700+ when now they are trading at an overvalued $630... Greed will get ya!

      "1 HOUR ago Update Fed. court throws out injunction vs. Samsung: WSJ

      SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) – A federal appeals court has rejected an injunction barring Samsung Electronics from selling its Galaxy Nexus smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the federal circuit reversed a June 29 federal court ruling which found that Samsung’s smartphone had infringed on Apple Inc.’s patents, the WSJ said. Shares of Apple edged lower by about 1% to $635.77 in afternoon trades."


      The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, a Washington, D.C.-based court that hears patent appeals, found that U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh had no legal basis to issue a preliminary injunction earlier this year against the Nexus smartphone. The decision allows Samsung to continue to sell the product while the patent battle with Apple continues.

      Samsung appears to be faring better in the Federal Circuit than with Koh or in the jury trial. Koh earlier this month also dissolved another injunction against Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 tablet after the Federal Circuit indicated that order also had legal weaknesses."

      Apple can't escape the gravity of their Karma. They started it. Now Samsung is going to finish it (and them) for good! What goes around, comes around. Methinks, can judges be bought? Because none of what Judge Koh arbitrarily rules makes any sense...

      It is now the THIRD time Judge Koh's rulings have been overruled on appeals. Something smells fishy here. Too close proximity to one infinite loop? Conflict of interest or of ethics?

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  • Is Common Sense Starting To Appear?


    Unified search is nice. Once you get into it, you quickly adapt to it's benefits.
    Would be nice to see it come back.
  • Drop in price

    Apple shares will in one year be at $200... once the competition heats up and margins drop. It will be a good example of how a bubble explodes.
  • Not only that, ITC Judge rejected Apple's FRAND Arguments Against Samsung

    Even more funnier, the judge points to the inconsistence result of the Koh's jury ruling and say he's not having any of it. If judge Koh wasn't regret about trusting the magisterial judge's pre-trial judgement too much before, this should be time because her peers are looking down on her now.