Use the HTC Media Link HD to share media from the Nokia 808 PureView and GSIII

Use the HTC Media Link HD to share media from the Nokia 808 PureView and GSIII

Summary: Not everyone has a DLNA-enabled TV and I discovered via trial-and-error that the HTC Media Link HD works well with the Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy S III.


I know there are very few that think Symbian is good operating system, but I have to say the more I use my new Nokia 808 PureView and discover what it can do, the more I am convinced that more people would like it if they gave it an honest chance. I previously wrote about some innovations Nokia has in Symbian and just discovered a new one last night that I wanted to share. When you realize that new devices are just now adding some of the functionality found in the older Symbian OS, then you start to understand it is a fairly powerful operating system that lacks the flash of iOS and Android.

Check out my screenshot gallery of the Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy S III sharing media via the HTC Media Link HD.

I started off my evening trying to get my Nokia 808 PureView to share media via DLNA to my Xbox 360 and then realized I have my Xbox connected to the Internet via an ethernet cable fed through my wall and have no WiFi connectivity with it. I then thought about the HTC Media Link HD I tested out in June and decided to try connecting the PureView to my HD LCD using this device and the Nokia Play To app that lets you share photos, videos, and music via DLNA. I installed the app and it immediately discovered the HTC Media Link HD. The Nokia 808 PureView captures amazing photos and videos and as you can see in my image gallery, I was able to easily view photos and movies on my large TV as well as having the ability to enjoy music streamed to my TV and speaker system. The cool thing about photos is that you are able to zoom in and view the zoomed in window on your TV. Music was also flawless. I did notice a bit of buffering lag with videos, but they are HD videos with excellent sound so maybe this is causing the buffering. My family enjoyed watching last weekend's air show footage on the TV.

I then figured I would try using the Media Link HD to connect the Samsung Galaxy S III to share media via DLNA. It worked via AllShare Play with the ability to share photos, music, videos, and select documents. There was more lag than on the PureView and photos did not look as good as the PureView, obviously, but it was still a decent solution.

Using a device like the HTC Media Link HD, or other DLNA adapter, is a great way to share content from your phone to a large display. You can also use an HDMI cable to output the PureView 808 to a TV, but then you have to stand or sit where the cable can reach. It is very convenient to sit on the sofa and wirelessly control my media output with DLNA and WiFi. Friends and family don't want to crowd around a phone to view content so being able to output it to a large display or TV is a fantastic alternative. Don't forget that I previously wrote how you can also purchase movies from Amazon and then watch them on the big screen via HDMI. This Amazon movie functionality does not work via DLNA as only videos you capture on the phone appear in the Nokia Play To media directory.

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  • Use the HTC Media Link HD to share media from the Nokia 808 PureView and GS

    “and discover what it can do the more I am convinced that more people would like”

    do the more, is this a typo?

    For this to work I am to get two devices from different OEM's, when one OEM will do?
    This has to be for the geek, as the families that I know stay with the same brand/OEM of phones.

    Think consumer, not geek....might find this site of use. Then maybe not..
    • Not a typo, forgot my comma

      Oh yeah, it looks like a comma slipped by me in that sentence. Thanks for noticing :)
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Isn't the HTC Media Link HD a cheaper option than a DLNA-enabled TV?

    I don't know about you, but I have a LCD HD TV that is several years old that does not have DLNA support and I am not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a new TV just to get it. If you want to share your media content from a number of devices (Nokia 808 PureView, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and I heard Nexus 7) to your TV, then the HTC Media Link HD adapter is a great option for under $100. As I showed in my article, you are not limited to one manufacturer, HTC, with this adapter so it seems to me this is a very helpful tip for the consumer.

    The geek likely has a DLNA-enabled TV or multiple devices, but this article shows you can use the HTC Media Link HD and then a device of your choice. You mention multiple devices from one OEM, why does that matter? It seems that is much more limiting than what I talked about.
    palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Not able to connect my Nokia 808 to HTC Media Link HD

    After reading this article i went on to purchase HTC Media Link HD to connect my Nokia 808 to my non-DLNA enabled TV. But to my surprise although the setup mentioned in the article seems to be pretty simple but somehow when i tried to connect nokia 808 to HTC Media Link HD via DLNA Play, the HTC device is not detected by DLNA Play, Nokia 808 is already connected to Wi-Fi router for internet. The HTC Media Link HD is correctly connected to my LCD TV via HDMI cable, as it is showing the animation of swiping 3 fingers from an HTC mobile Phone to start the connection.

    Please help me in understanding step by step how you were able to connect nokia 808 to HTC Media Link HD.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • The article is incorrect !!!!

    The article is incorrect, i am sorry to say that, but even after all the trial-and-error from last one month i am still not able to connect my nokia 808 to HTC media link HD, the phone's DLNA app dosent seems to recognise the HTC device. I tried to get the step by step process from Mathew but itseems even he is not aware how to do it. So, the entrire article seems to be incorrect. Please correct me if anyone else manages to connect both the device successfully.
  • I agree that The article is incorrect !

    I also bought the HTC media link HD after reading this and other articles about how easy and fine it works with Android phones and tablets.
    After connecting the device to TV and seeing the nice animation showing 3-fingers connection from HTC phone I found no way to connect to device from other phones (Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Tablet).
    I tried the recommended apps from Google Play, no one detects the HTC media link HD.

    I have to agree that It works just perfect with HTC One S phone.

    By the way, nobody from authors claiming that HTC media link HD works with other than HTC phones published technical description of what settings need to be done to make it work.

    I'm very upset.
    Tony Kolev