Useful things to do with your new iPad mini

Useful things to do with your new iPad mini

Summary: If you were lucky enough to find an iPad mini under the tree this holiday season or bought one for yourself don't miss these cool tips and apps.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps

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  • Change the iBooks reading font

    The iPad mini lacks the Retina Display of its bigger sibling which can make reading ebooks less enjoyable. That's a shame as the smaller size of the iPad mini is perfect for reading books.

    The book reading playing field can be leveled by simply setting the font in iBooks to a cleaner font. Open up the fonts menu at the top right of the screen and test the different fonts to see which appeals to you. I find the Seravek font to look great on the iPad mini and recommend giving it a look.

    Hat tip to @treestman for pointing out how nice this font looks in iBooks.

    If you use the Kindle app for reading books instead of iBooks check the next tip to make that better.

  • Change the Kindle font and line spacing

    If you use the Kindle app instead of iBooks you can make reading books a joy on the iPad mini. Open up the fonts menu at the top right of the Kindle app screen and set the font to Helvetica which is much better than the default font.

    You may want to also set the line spacing to the tightest setting on the left which displays the most content on each page no matter how big the font.

  • Install iPhoto

    The iPad mini has a decent camera but not many will use it since it's too big for comfortable camera use. If you also use an iPhone you may want to buy and install the iPhoto app on your iPad mini.

    This app works with iPhoto on the Mac for those who use it and also works great with the Photo Stream on the iPhone. It has a solid photo editor that turns any photo taken into a work of art. Well, it can make them better than they were before.


Topics: iPad, Apps

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  • Thanks for the suggestions James

    I will be checking out the calendar app you suggested. BTW, does it sync with calendars on a Mac. You didn't say anything to that effect.

    I also have one more suggestion for new iPad users. Evernote, really nice app to have for jotting down notes. There are also variations, such as Evernote recipes, cheat sheet for students as well.
  • Google Calendar

    It's primarily for Google Calendar users. Those sync to the Mac fine for me.
  • Nothing

    You can do nothing useful on a iPad Mini...

    I'm kidding, of course. I'm sure the Mini can be quite useful (portability alone helps it a lot), but wouldn't it have been hilarious if you opened the article and all you found was the above text?
    • Same for other articles

      I think the same would work for other "Useful things" or "Productive apps" articles. Maybe for an April Fool's?
    • Best Use of Ipad Mini

      It makes a great coaster !!!
      • Or, perhaps...

        ...a doorstop.
        M.R. Kennedy
  • Not sure the title is the best one for this article

    A better title would have been "The first X apps to load on your new iPad mini". That's all it is: a list of apps to load that aren't included by default, 1 tweak for an alternate app (that you have to install anyway), & 2 tweaks for an existing app.
    • My first mini

      Yes you right, I bought my first mini and the first app than I load is Beesy! This app it's very important to me at work to manage my ToDo!!

  • I still like the alternate use for an ipad...

    As a kitchen device...
  • I KNOW! I KNOW!....

    It makes a great drink coaster!
  • There is no reason Dalvik can't be on it.

    Up to the user, really.

    The android "OS" is nothing more than a command interpreter with applications.

    My system has lots - gnome, kde, XBMC, enlightenment...

    All that is needed is the binaries. If it runs under the Linux kernel , it will run under the linux kernel with Ubuntu on it. Might require some finessing - switching graphics underpinnings would take a bit of effort (until someone makes it trivial).

    And nothing prevents porting the Dalvik VM to using Unity.
  • Oh brother...

    How come EVERY SINGLE ZDnet article about an apple device is how 'awesome' they are...or how many awesome apps there are...or how every single device is a remarkable individual creation...but any article about Android/Ms devices is about how they don't completely suck, but....
    • Guess you don't pay very much attention

      Either try having an open mind so you can realize not all Apple articles are positive and not all Android/MS articles are negative or get back on your meds.
  • mini pad

    I may be in the wrong place here, but I would like some advice. I have a 25 in Apple desktop, but I have worked a lot of years and have severe arthritis in my wrists. I would like to get a mini pad of some kind to have closer to my face as I am having trouble at the desk. I have had a color Nook but was too difficult to see. I read about Apple minipad and Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire and now I'm thoroughly confused. I am 68 and want something I can shop on and read books. That's it! Somebody please help! Thanks!
    • mni pad

      Betty....I would suggest an amazon kindle - (not fire).
      I read all my books on a regular (old type) kindle. try it, you may like it!