UX a 'critical' concern for mobile, enterprises say

UX a 'critical' concern for mobile, enterprises say

Summary: The mobility revolution in the enterprise can't happen if employees don't understand how to use your apps. BYOD: Bring Your Own Diagram?

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Improvements to user experience and application performance are top business priorities for mobile efforts, enterprises say.

According to a new survey by MGI Research, 89 percent of enterprises said user experience was the most critical mobile app development concern. Open standards and multi-platform support also ranked highly.

(The survey was released in conjunction with Kony, the mobile app developer. As always, take everything with a grain of salt.)

Sixty-four percent of the approximately 200 survey respondents said their companies are planning new business-to-employee apps. Why? Customer engagement, brand value and better customer service.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they plan to increase budgets for multi-platform development tools over the next 12 months. Hybrid apps are expected to grow faster than native or HTML5 apps; 59 percent said they're already using one and 71 percent said they will within 12 months.


Interestingly, more than 21 percent of respondents reported disappointing ROI from mobile apps; six percent of respondents simply said it was a "huge failure."

More stats of interest:

  • Key business drivers: customer engagement (87%) and competitive advantage (79%)
  • Customer service apps are the top applications in development this year, with 55 percent  of respondents pursuing them.
  • Fifty-three percent said they are currently planning development of between one and five B2E applications.
  • A majority said they have plans to implement mobile strategies for sales, collaboration and field services.

And, for the developers out there:

  • 72 percent said enhanced application performance was a requirement
  • 67 percent said multi-platform mobile application support from a single code base was a requirement.
  • 46 percent said managing BYOD was a requirement
  • 26 percent said greater use of HTML5 was a requirement.

"More organizations are realizing that a simplistic focus on just time-to-market is no longer the best approach," said MGI's Igor Stenmark.

Topic: Mobility

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