Verizon blue HTC One: Best Buy exclusive is gorgeous (Gallery)

Verizon blue HTC One: Best Buy exclusive is gorgeous (Gallery)

Summary: I added to my HTC One collection yesterday with the blue color device for Verizon. Enjoy these images of this gorgeous phone available exclusively through Best Buy.


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  • Blue and silver HTC One

    Yesterday I stood in line with all of the Apple iPhone fans and brought some smiles to the faces of the Best Buy Mobile employees when I asked for the blue HTC One on Verizon that was on sale for just $49.99 as an upgrade or with a new contract. As a fan of the color blue, I wanted to share some more images of this device with you and add a few more thoughts of why I like the HTC One so much.

    The Tacoma store manager, Zach, worked some magic on my account since me review phones messed up the system (showed there were non-Verizon phones on my account) and I walked out spending just $38 total after using two Best Buy Reward certificates. I noted that there were eight employees in the store throughout the time I was there, it took some time to get my account fixed and I really didn't want to spend nearly $800 for the One, and that every one of them had an Android phone with most of them being Samsung Galaxy Notes. I now understood why there were pleased to see a non-iPhone come in and ask for an Android device.

    I have been a fan of HTC devices for many, many years, back to the days of the fantastic Compaq iPaq. The current financial issues, the firing of many employees, some of whom I know personally, and the uncertain future of HTC has tempered my enthusiasm a bit and made me think twice before this purchase. However, I have looked at many new Android devices and still cannot find one as good as the HTC One.

    The One is not perfect, but it's dang close. I would love to see wireless charging, Android 4.3 (I understand that may be coming sooner than I thought), and the camera have a bit more capability to capture more detail for zooming into details after the photo is captured. However, all the great features of Sense, the near perfect Exchange email client, the wide angle front facing camera performance, the fantastic design and feel in your hand, the IR port, the latest and greatest wireless technologies, and more all make it perfect for ME.

    I have yet to see the black HTC One (available for Sprint and AT&T), but I have been pleased with the silver one I had for the last seven months. I understand the red one is striking, but it is only available on Sprint. The blue One is gorgeous, IMHO, with the metallic blue color and black antenna striping. You can actually buy a blue One from Best Buy to use on Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T with only the Verizon one at the special $50 price. I find it incredible that a high quality device like this is available for such a low subsidized price. Shoot, I could even pay the ETF if I wanted and still end up with a low priced device.

    I had a grandfathered unlimited data account, but did not want to pay $700 plus $70 in tax for the HTC One to keep that service. A reader pointed out I could have opened a new line, then canceled it after a couple of months and kept my unlimited line intact. I didn't think of that strategy, but I did go back and look at my data usage over the last year and saw I rarely ever exceeded 1.2 GB anyway. I was also paying an additional fee for text messaging and that is included, along with unlimited minutes, in these new shared data plans. Another factor is that I have a Verizon LTE iPad 3rd generation so can add it to my account for just $10 with a shared data plan. In the end, I think making the move to the new plan is going to work out just fine for me.

    So far I am loving my blue HTC One and am currently using my silver One on T-Mobile too. I may use my SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 on T-Mobile and am also looking to see what Google announces with the next Nexus. It looks like an HTC One will be an active phone I use for over a year, which is unheard of for a guy who switches his phones almost as often as he switches his socks.

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  • Blue on silver back view

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  • i saw some red ones

    A few days ago at a Sprint store, at 1rst when I heard about blue & red ones i thought it sounded very tacky looking but I have to admit the red one looked awesome
  • Those Verizon and Beats logos are particularly attractive.

    Almost as good as "Intel Inside."
  • kandy

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