Verizon drafts Geek Squad for SMB help desk services

Verizon drafts Geek Squad for SMB help desk services

Summary: The managed services offering covers a gamut of support needs -- from installation to security remediation to data backup plans.


Telecommunications giant Verizon has crafted a new set of IT support services focused on small and midsize businesses, and it has picked Best Buy's Geek Squad to deliver them.

"Verizon will use Geek Squad's expanding remote support capability along with our other support channels to ensure that customers receive trusted IT guidance wherever and whenever they need it," said George Sherman, senior vice president of Best Buy Services.

The services under the IT Help Desk brand (I love simple names) run a gamut from installation and implementation of new technology to computer virus and malware remediation to setting up a data archiving and backup service for information protection. The services can be deployed either in person, via Geek Squad's nationwide technicians, or via remote connections.

All levels of the service include 24x7 phone and online support. The Advanced level focuses on mobilizing employees with tablets and smartphones, providing virtual private network connectivity to secure them. The Premier level adds ongoing device monitoring, system patching and updates, and application maintenance.



Topic: SMBs

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  • Hey...GREAT choice.

    Can't tell you how many times I have had to mop-up after the Geek Squad thoroughly screwed something up.

    Remind me not to call Verizon for tech help from now on.
    • My sentiments exactly!