Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actually simple

Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actually simple

Summary: Verizon has only offered a single Windows Phone device over the last two years, but looks to finally be supporting Microsoft's mobile OS with three devices coming soon.

Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actually simple

Regular readers know I enjoy using Windows Phone devices and I recommend people give the platform a try before judging it. With only about a 3 percent market share, I have previously stated this slow adoption is in part due to Verizon's apathetic attitude towards Windows Phone. It looks like this is FINALLY going to change with Windows Phone 8 as we now see a Windows Phone 8 splash page on the Verizon website. Thanks to WPCentral for the heads-up on the Verizon home page change.

As Steve Ballmer stated at the Windows Phone 8 launch event on Monday of this week Verizon is getting the Nokia Lumia 822, HTC 8X, and Samsung Odyssey. You have to love the Verizon tagline for Windows Phone 8 too, "Introducing The new Windows Phone. So advanced, it's actually simple." Windows Phone 8 is the most personal mobile phone operating system available with the Start screen being unique to each person.

We don't yet know what color 8X we will see on Verizon, but speculation is they will get black and red. There are also lots of hopeful people that want to see Verizon pick up a Lumia 920 variant when the AT&T exclusive ends, hopefully at the beginning of 2013. I personally think Windows 8 will help people take a closer look at Windows Phone 8, but that will take time so it will likely take time for Windows Phone 8 to gain in the smartphone place. At least now, they have Verizon on board with AT&T and T-Mobile so they have a fighting chance.

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  • Wow, THREE Devices!

    That's almost 1% of the Android devices available! With that kind of choice, Microsoft's place in the market is assured!
    • if you look at android you have 3 or 4

      90% of the android users that I know are all getting the S3 then one wants the razor max HD and another only buys nexus.

      But to hear them talk you only have the S3 as an option.

      I think that currently represents the market also s3 is ruling the roost.
    • Huh?

      Why should companies put out hundreds of types of phones when only a handful sell in any real numbers?

      I've never understood that logic.
      Michael Alan Goff
    • The Mess

      called Android is a sea of abnormality. Different versions spread across various phones with no organization. This is the power of Google a mess of slop thrown into various form factors. Thanks but no Thanks. I'll still to Windows Phone. The HTC WP 8x appears to be the winner on least until a variant of the Lumia 920 shows up. I love the 920 but the 8x would fit perfectly in my Frodo sized hands.
      • Re: "a sea of abnormality"

        Wow, the platform that is selling more than the entire competi‌tion put together, that is growing faster than any other OS in history ... in short, that is completely wiping the floor with anything than could remotely be described as a rival ... if that's "abnormality", then clearly the competi‌tors are just not getting the message that customers want more of it!
      • I don't know the Samsung

        sounds interesting also. But I'm glad we'll have some choices. Hurray Verizon!
    • Apple only offers 2 choices for phones

      and it seems to be working out just fine for them.
    • As is your place

      As head troll here at ZDNet.
      • Giving an opinion is not trolling

        A Gray
    • ido17, and Google backers used to tell us....

      the 4 or 5 OS versions MSFT had was Wasy too ConFUSing!!!???

  • 1 Device

    You said: "That's almost 1% of the Android devices available! With that kind of choice, Microsoft's place in the market is assured!"

    Yeah, like no one ever put out ONE phone and been successful.

    And you think over 200 variants of Android phones activated today is a good thing? Tell that to the users still running Android 2.1. Or the developer that has to write code from three years ago just to support the majority of devices. Less than 3% of Android devices run the latest OS. Yeah, good luck with all those "choices" you have.
  • Phone selection on web sites puts crap-droids first

    I don't know if AT&T and Verizon really counts on the consumer being really ignorant or what. When searching for a new phone / plan the first phones that show up on the lists are the feature and crap-droid phones that provide the least features and require the least amount of subsidy in a two year plan. I counted 5 Pandigital phones on the AT&T site alone when did my search last week.
  • Verizon finally getting serious about Windows Phone; so advanced, it's actu

    Its about time Verizon actually did something for Microsoft Windows Phone 8. I have to decide between which one I want. The 8X is fully featured, but the 822 has the wireless charging. Now we need some release dates.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Verizon, you need to do better, you're becoming the Apple of providers

    822: 4.3" screen=FAIL, I want a S3 size screen this time, though I do realize not everyone does (see S3, Note 2 sales statistics).

    8X: 4.3" screen, non-removable battery=DOUBLE FAIL. Much like cars, we're hopefully, finally getting to a smartphone life cycle where 2 years might be be the minimum period of ownership. I'd like to think I could keep a phone for 3-4 years, maybe only replacing the battery once instead of the whole phone because the battery is dying. At some point in the future, I plan to buy a smartphone at full price and buy a prepaid plan. Keeping phone for many years will yield thousands in savings vs a contract/postpaid plan. This phone has built in obsolescence and I refuse on those grounds alone.

    Odyssey: 4.65-4.8" (rumored), removable battery=WIN

    WTH is the 922? I'd like to try the Nokia as it seems to be the WP8 reference standard. But of course crickets from VZN. Nokia, if this is your doing with an exclusive with ATT, you are digging your own grave to be fitted with a coffin which will be outfitted with Samsung latches. If VZN's doing, then I'm sure it's because VZN wants to gimp the 920 with crApps which will slow down the firmware upgrade promises MS is trying to instill.

    ..gets closer and closer to BYOP/prepaid options.
    • continuing

      Samsung is the only one firing on all cylinders at VZN (and elsewhere). I haven't seen the design but hope it looks at least like the S3 and not some generic looking phone-not when Nokia has a killer 920 design out there.

      Hearing MS might be building a reference (cough Nexus) phone. Curious.
  • The Mess

    “The Mess called Android is a sea of abnormality” or The Mess called humanity is a sea of abnormality. The Android in some ways is the same as humanity different sizes and different in the inside. No matter how much things change around us, some of us just cannot adapt or stubborn to change. Same thing with Android that is probably why people go with Apple because you don’t have to worry for it to adapt to new hardware changes like Android does every month. Apple is consistent and everyone has the SAME phone and the only thing that makes your phone different is the plastic clothing/case.
  • Windows marketing still seems lost

    Cost is not the only issue, why not a 30 day guarantee? I think more people would be tempted with a $150 phone (vs. $100) and a $50 app credit.

    Phone decisions are often made at a counter. If they try something new, they need assurances and rewards for doing so. Based on the reviews on various websites WinPhones are the most highly rated, but clearly not known. People aren't rejecting it, they don't even know why they should consider it.
  • OS Upgrades

    Who is in the driver's seat? Microsoft or the carriers? If it's the carriers, forget about upgrades, it'll be no different than Android. If it's MS then I'd warn folks about how fast MS dropped support of Windows Phone 7. I'd like to see a positive track record from MS before committing to this platform.