Verizon finally releasing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus

Verizon finally releasing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus

Summary: After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners can rejoice over the latest Android upgrade.


Verizon Wireless has announced that it will finally be rolling out Android 4.1, a.k.a. Jelly Bean, to its customers using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Up until now, the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon's 4G LTE network has been running only on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners must be an incredibly patient bunch as Jelly Bean originally made its debut in June at Google I/O and rolled out shortly afterward for unlocked Galaxy Nexus devices during the summer.

Sprint narrowly beat the nation's largest wireless provider to the punch by releasing Android 4.1 to its own Galaxy Nexus-owning clientele earlier this month.

Initially, Verizon stipulated in the announcement that the software upgrade will be pushed out in phases over Wi-Fi only for a limited time.

Galaxy Nexus users can find out if the update is ready for them by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. If the upgrade is available, a notification will be displayed and customers will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download Jelly Bean.

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  • I don't think it's fair to bash verizon in particular.

    They're all pretty bad at it; the flagship SGIII isn't due JB until october, the SGII doesn't have it yet; some of those didn't get ICS until JB was already out, and even motorola's october offerings will ship with ICS, with JB planned for the new year.

    Things do seem to be improving in updating android devices post release but there's still a long way to go; at the end ot the day google own moto, yet my nexus 7 has JB (released 1 month after JB) and will have had it for 6 months before the moto's get it.

    C'mon guys!
    • Verizon Deserves All The Bashing

      Come on! You are talking a pure (or supposed to be pure) Android not a modded Samsung setup.
      Day of announcement for Jelly Bean I had it on my Galaxy Nexus (gsm - ATT).

      So yes, Verizon deserves all the crap for this.
  • Problem With The US Mobile Market

    This is what happens in the only market in the world where your choice of phone is dictated by your choice of carrier. I got the Jelly Bean update for my Galaxy Nexus weeks ago. I didn't buy it from any carrier, and I can use I with any carrier, just by changing the SIM card.
    • It is indeed strange

      Other markets were once like the US, where combo-sales were still common; hardware locked into a particular service for no other reason than to lock customers in.

      I find it profoundly puzzling why this still happens in THE country that prides itself in having a free market, freedom of choice and has laws against anti-competitive practices.

      Not saying it bothers me, just that I find it very, very strange.
      Han CNX
      • Re: Other markets were once like the US...

        That could only have been true back in the analog days. When digital came along, every country in the world mandated the GSM standard--except the US. Their Government took a "let the market decide" approach, which meant that every carrier adopted a different standard.

        So everywhere else in the world, switching carriers is as easy as switching the SIM card; all the phones are compatible with all the networks. But in the US, your phone is tied to one just network; to switch networks, you must buy a new phone.
    • No, it's a problem with

      Android, which put handsets back at the mercy of the carriers. One of the unsung victories if the iPhone was breaking free of that chokehold.
      • Re: No, it's a problem with Android...

        No it’s not, because Android is available everywhere else in the world as well—in fact, it has a greater market share outside the US.
  • too late for me

    I bought an unlocked GNexus last week to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. Got sick of waiting on Verizon.
  • Arrived!

    It came today. Better late than never.