Vic's myki gets new transport minister

Vic's myki gets new transport minister

Summary: Victorian Transport Minister Lynne Kosky, who has been handling the introduction of the delayed myki system into the state's capital, has resigned today.

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Victorian Transport Minister Lynne Kosky, who has been handling the introduction of the delayed myki system into the state's capital, has resigned today.

A spokesperson for Premier John Brumby confirmed that Kosky had announced her resignation both from the Ministry and Parliament, effective today. The minister had given family health concerns as her reason for wanting to leave.

The premier has not yet announced a transport minister to replace Kosky, but is expected to deal with the issue tomorrow when the caucus meets, according to the spokesperson.

Kosky recently came under fire for taking holiday while commuters battled with the electronic myki ticketing system which was introduced onto Melbourne trains at the end of December.

30,000 myki cards had to be recalled from retailers after being delivered in an "inactive state". There had also been some problems with incorrect letters which had been sent out with myki cards, the website going down, and with people not swiping off correctly at the end of their trips.

The system had been introduced into regional areas first as a trial before starting it in Melbourne. Its implementation is years late and millions over budget.

Topic: Government AU

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  • Really?

    Wow, that was unexpected.

    But family health concerns? Is that really the reason? No offense to her family, but I think she's simply trying to get out of the inevitable humiliation she will receive when the myki is finally available to trams and buses.
  • Why Bother Developing

    This myki system and its equivalent in NSW are abject failures. Why spend millions deveoping something (actually "developing Nothing" given the outcome) when existing proven working systems can be licenced and installed.
    The London Underground and its oyster card system is one that comes to mind.
  • Brumby has been around so long he is drunk on arrogance and power.

    Since most Aussie politicians are self interested snouts in the trough Freemasons, they are kicking contracts to their Freemason mates and party friends. This at the expense of the average Victorian taxpayer and against their wishes for a long time now. There is no other logical explanation for so called incompetence that would get any other corporation or CEO jailed for fraud. Lets see a Desal plant to an overseas monopoly contract that will raise the cost of water at least 3 times. Allowing Genetically Modified crops into Victoria that will poison and kill millions down the line with a new cancer epidemic. Going back on their word that Eastlink would be free because the seats there were not safe enough like the western suburbs. Increased revenue raising for Victoria corp in speeding fines cloaked in hypocritical self righteous road safety messages (Ken Lay the poster boy for the campaign can't even keep the law). By caving in to the green lobby and not allowing landowners to clear their land or forest floor, Brumby has committed manslaughter of 200 odd Victorians last February, acting as Saviour for a problem he created while asleep at the wheel. And Hanging out his fire chief to dry when it was he who was resposnible! And of course this Myki debacle. Meanwhile Bracks and now Brumby (who couldn't get elected 10 years ago or now) in their infamous term has made Victoria, the place not to be, an Orwellian police state based on knee jerk reaction laws. Hopefully the easily manipulated voters of Victoria will finally wake up and give Brumby the heave ho later this year at the next state election. We certainly have had enough of the nanny state or being spoken down to as if we are stupid. Back to the classroom for you Brumby where you will only annoy 30 people at a time...
  • Will we really miss a Minister that failed to deliver?

    Honestly John, can we really feel sorry for Lynne Kosky?
    Myki is an unmitigated disaster and an unacceptable waste of valuable public resources. It does not and will not resolve ticketing issues for public transport. When is enough really enough? To keep throwing money at a project that is doomed is a privilege only enjoyed by the public sector as it has no shareholders to be accountable to. However come election time there are voters! And us ordinary folk out here will have our chance then to vote with our feet. Im still out of pocket from the old ticketing system and Im an elephant. I dont forget and I will remind your party at the polls. Melbourne is heaving and bursting at the seams and needs enlightened and informed govt to drive projects to completion on target , on budget and on time. And no the public purse is not a bottomless pit. Hasta La Vista matey