Video: Brazen thief creates his own drive-though window at Apple Store

Video: Brazen thief creates his own drive-though window at Apple Store

Summary: A man crashed his BMW M3 through the front window of an LA-area Apple Store. This video has to be seen to be believed.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

A Los Angeles man is accused of crashing his vehicle through the glass front at the Apple Store in Temecula, CA in a brazen burglary attempt. Although the whole event was caught on video (with multiple angles) the accused man pleaded not guilty on September 12 to multiple felonies.

Here's the video:

He left the MacBooks alone and appears to favor iPhones and iPads.

He also left a license plate at the scene.

Caption contest!

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Would you destroy your $60,000 BMW

    driving through a store front to grab $5000 worth of stuff ?

    I'm wondering if the BMW was stolen, as that doesn't make any sense.
    William Farrel
    • I think his is the first time you and I

      Agreed on anything;)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • Not Smart!!

      This guy is pretty stupid I have to agree with you.
    • Destroy BMW to get some iGadgets

      Or they are going to claim it on their insurance and then get caught that way if they are not caught earlier. If the BMW is not stolen I would love to hear their explanation for the damage.
      • OOps

        Guess I should read.. He was caught and pleaded not guilty.
    • Absolutely it was stolen

      and who is dumb enough to steal something that can be remotely disabled and wiped, let alone tracked!
  • Skills

    Another example of the end result of poor parenting skills...
  • .

    First in line for the iPhone 5!
  • They tripped off of iPhone 5 feature video music!!

    Iphone 5's new video music is "DIRTY PAWS" by group "Of Monsters and Men"......Hmmmm.

    Watch video, hit a lil meth and SHAZAAAM!!
  • block the fragile walls

    This type of crash and grab already happened in many jewelry shops, this fragile walls should have protection from vehicles, like 3 feet-high-poles either made of metal or cement, so even a Hummer cannot ram in.
  • The alleged thief bypassed MacBooks and targeted iOS devices

    He went for the iPads and iPhones. Does one need anymore evidence that we are in a "post PC" era?! Grin.
    • It's worse..

      ...he specifically picked up units that the car had knocked to the floor in preference to those still on the tables. Can you spell 'broken glass'?
  • Android Owner?

    Must have been an Android owner that would do anything to get his hands on a great Apple device :)
  • Locked Ecosystem

    Now that is a tight ecosystem. No escape for the vehicle!
    • It's marketing.

      Apple will do almost anything to snag an new customer...
  • Can I get small fries with that?

    And a medium coke?
  • Apple...

    Publicity stunt? LOL.
  • This is where the expression, "Drive it like you stole it," comes from :)

    Clearly, the driver didn't know that the iPhone 5 is not in stores yet.

    Can you say, "Low impulse control"
  • Not the point really, but that wasn't an M3

    Given the body shape and size, more likely an X5. Still, pretty stupid to do $15K of body damage to a vehicle to steal $10K worth of hardware. No brains, no headaches.
  • Most like stolen BMW.

    But that barrier appears to some (but limited success from keeping this car out) since he got stuck inside for a minute or so and you can that person trying to back out several times without success and finally goes full speed backwards to get out.
    Talk about a bull in a china shop.
    Nevertheless, all of those devices are serial number and all of the UUID are known by Apple so trying to sell them would be useless except for the unwitting buyers since they call "kill" them remotely and the device won't turn on.