Video: No rest for anti-phishers

Video: No rest for anti-phishers

Summary: Authorities 'overwhelmed' by phishing: Websense CEO

TOPICS: Unified Comms

Phishers have started exploiting technologies such as Voice over IP and RSS to hook more victims while law enforcement authorities are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume and sophistication of attacks, according to the CEO of Internet security firm Websense.

During a short visit to Sydney, Gene Hodges, who until January of this year was president of antivirus firm McAfee, spoke to ZDNet Australia about the past, present and future of phishing.

In this 10 minute video, Hodges speaks candidly about the darker corners of the Internet where cybercriminals are openly trading the information they have gained from successful phishing attacks.

"Even the computer knowledgeable people watching this broadcast would be shocked to see how open the traffic in cyber crime is.... Ironically, the bad guys don't worry about security because we don't go attacking them ... they do source-sharing in the open -- we can see them as we are scanning the Internet," he said.

Hodges also touches on the problems faced by law enforcement agencies such as the FBI: "The US is by far the leading generator of attacks (phishing and spam) and the FBI simply can't keep up with them -- they can't even keep up with the kiddie porn".

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Topic: Unified Comms

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  • Businesses playing catchup

    The only reason businesses are having a hard time dealing with phishers is because they're so behind on the game. If they would have taken some security measure long ago, the gap between them and the phishers wouldn't be so great. Now businesses are struggling to play catch up. However, regardless of how ever far up ahead the phishers are, it's imperative that businesses realize the IMPORTANCE of setting up security measure to stop such attacks.
  • Why?

    Don't bother with the video, just summarise what he said! Why do you expect us to watch a 10 minute video when we could have read an article containing the same information in less than one minute?