Video: Predicting the future of enterprise software

Video: Predicting the future of enterprise software

Summary: The latest episode of "The Editors" with Larry Dignan and Jason Hiner predicts the future of enterprise software, including the impact of social, mobile, and the cloud.


Enterprise software remains the glue that ties together teams and business processes, especially in global organizations. It's important to look at how enterprise software is simplifying, webifying, mobilizing, and getting a lot more social.

These are some of the main topics in this episode of "The Editors" (formerly known as "The IT Factor"), with Larry Dignan, ZDNet Editor in Chief, and Jason Hiner, TechRepublic Editor in Chief.

This show is part of our ZDNet and TechRepublic special feature on "The Evolution of Enterprise Software." Specifically, we look at the how the future of enterprise software is unfolding and will unfold in the years ahead. 

You can view this 16-minute video over on TechRepublic, or download it and watch it at your convenience. It is free to all registered ZDNet and TechRepublic members (if you aren't already registered, it only takes a moment).


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