Video walkthrough of BlackBerry 10 leaks in advance of RIM launch event

Video walkthrough of BlackBerry 10 leaks in advance of RIM launch event

Summary: More and more is leaking out as we approach the RIM BB 10 launch event and in this 7 minute, 30 second, video you get a good feel for possible hardware and the OS.


Last week I wrote that I was excited about BlackBerry 10 and yesterday I purchased roundtrip tickets to New York so I can attend the launch event at the end of the month and get some hands-on time with the new OS. As we march on towards the launch event, we are sure to see more and more leak out about BB10 and new hardware and today we saw a detailed video walkthrough of the possible Z10 device.

The more I see of this new OS in action, the more it looks like the evolution of MeeGo. I think this is a fantastic compliment for RIM as Nokia dropped the ball and killed off MeeGo too early when they went all in with Windows Phone. I love the look of the BlackBerry Hub and am pleased to see RIM offering something unique when compared to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The phone shown in the video is smaller than I anticipated, but we don't yet know if this is final, retail hardware and need to see it in comparison to other devices. The software is likely not finished, but still appears to be quite responsive and slick.

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  • Looking Good!

    Looks like a solid platform! Keen as!
  • Not so small.

    Also - on the comment about the device appearing smaller than expected. I'm pretty sure it's just the lens used to film the video - making the hands (closer to the lens) appear large, and therefore the phone, small.

    It's supposedly a 4.2" screen - so that's larger than an iPhone 5.
    • Z10

      I'm in the enterprise seed program for BB10 / BES 10 and the device has a nice solid feel. Having also iPhone and a variety on Android devices it's got a nice one hand feel to it. The screen is larger than the iPhone but smaller than the Galaxy S III. It's also stunning and clear.

      It reminds me alot of the HTC EVO.
      • does it have either skype or netflix?

        Hope it does or it could be a fail
        • Jan 30th

          I'm not running the Gold build and the AppWorld is not populated with all Apps. The latest developer icon set has some for Skype so that's a good sign it will be coming.

          Netflix - up to them. Considering the Playbook and BB10 will play content right on their website but they choose to block RIM. Same with Hulu. Frankly I have no need for these Apps and have terrabytes of data I can drag and drop onto the device for playback.

    yes, i like bb very much and with the news rating going on with bb10 seems more interesting and im eagerly waiting for it's release... the following blog says, it is releasing this month end
    Mega Skipper
  • Extras Too!

    I wonder if it comes with the black tape that is holding the screen protector on - ?
    • Tape

      It's there due to the build has embedded PIN markings in each corner so if it wasn't blocked RIM could track who posted the video.

      The final hardware is solid and feels great.
  • Looks nice, with caveats

    Quite a bit of design language borrowed from Windows Phone. I like the hub where communications can be seen in one aggregated view.

    However, an area of concern is the steeper learning curve that will come from all the various non-intuitive swipes. Also, it appears that the same swipe gestures behave differently depending on context, which can cause confusion.

    For example, in the lock screen swiping down reveals the clock and alarms, but swiping down in the task screen caused a menu of various choices to appear.

    Also, commands and menus appear in every part of the screen -- I saw commands appearing along the bottom, along the right, and along the top -- and various swipes and gestures made them appear. This has been an oft-criticized component of Android, as it has morphed from Gingerbread to Honeycomb to Jelly Bean: the menus and commands appear in different, shifting locations.
  • Voice control

    The presenter ended with the message "In my next video I will be showing you voice control" - did you get access to that too?

    I think that this thing looks great BTW - although there are clearly a few "rough edges" in the user interface (as Speednet pointed out, the same gesture can mean different things in different apps / contexts in this version) but personally I would welcome it.
    • Not so different than the Playbook

      Actually the more I watch the demonstrations the more similar the gestures seem to the Playbook.

      It looks like the only difference is in the homescreen gestures vs. in app gestures. Very quickly with the PB you get used to swipe down from the top in app to access the settings. Sideswipe very naturally changes panes, up from the bottom minimizes.

      The only gesture I find confusing is that sometimes it seems a swipe from the right brings up a menu.

      I'm sure though, once in hand it won't take long to master the gestures. I was a little intimidated when I first got the PB but it didn't take more than a day for the swipes to become second nature, so much so that I find myself trying to use them on other tablets and phones and am very frustrated when they don't work. Then I have some coffee and things improve.
  • I really like the way this is looking

    I hope it's enough to make sure RIM doesn't go under, if this is what they're capable of making.
    Michael Alan Goff
  • BB10 looks very strong

    All I see in leaks looks very slick and good.

    I'm thinking its my next phone. Nice evolution in the mobile OS arena!
  • A Bit "Busy"

    I'm one that's rooting for Blackberry. However it does look a little busy. At the Hub screen all I see is one name repeated over & over again with a couple of other names mixed in. Just Me? I also agree with the learning curve someone above mentioned. Nice gestures but not solidified across different fields. Reminds me of Android 2.0 before it matured into the 4.0 that really Makes Android Complete. I realize this is still being refined but so far ??? BB10 looks fantastic and Should give both Android & IOS a truly third option (I just don't see Win Phones grabbing much market share).
    Good Move Blackberry !