Video: Why Vista is a safe bet — for now

Video: Why Vista is a safe bet — for now

Summary: Microsoft's latest operating system is as secure as Mac OS X, until it becomes popular, says F-Secure's chief research officer

TOPICS: Security

In the second of a two-part interview, F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen argues that Microsoft Vista attracts little attention from hackers because of its low uptake since its launch in November. However, he says that, in a year's time, the situation may be completely different as businesses start to adopt the operating system in droves. Hypponen also cautions on problems arising from the spiralling adoption of Web 2.0 technologies — but says that IT professionals are powerless to protect their organisations from related attacks.

Topic: Security

Tom Espiner

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  • postponed problems

    So the advise is to adopt something new with low cracker attraction attention now to get into trouble one year from now? Some advise.
    Oh right, one year from now you can purchase additionally required security counter measurements with unknown impact so far. Sorry, my bad. Guess once you stick your neck out you're all the way in. For better or for worse.

    Say, what about making XP the most secure OS it was suppose to be?
    Or was that Windows 2000? Or Windows 98 SE? Or Windows 98. Or Windows NT? Or Windows 95? Or DOS 6? Or DOS 5? Or DOS 3? Sorry, I'm repeating myself. Or didn't you notice that? Oh wait, you didn't so far.