Video: Windows cursor hack in action

Video: Windows cursor hack in action

Summary: Security researcher Alexander Sotirov shows how an intruder can use the .ANI flaw to run malicious software on a Vista PC

TOPICS: Security

Security researcher Alexander Sotirov of Determina shows how an intruder could use a Windows flaw to enter a Vista PC and run malicious software. The exploit targets the cursor and affects both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox browsers, according to security company Determina, which reported the vulnerability to Microsoft.

Flash video courtesy of Determina.

Topic: Security


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Alexander Sotirov

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  • What about Firefox with extensions installed?

    I have 'Adblock Plus' blocking '*.ani' files, and 'NoScript' blocking all scripts (I allow them to run manually after checking their domain in Google). Would this set up be sufficient protection?