Novell comes clean on Ximian and SCO

Chris Stone claims that Novell is "changing its stripes" to be "more partner-friendly, developer-friendly and now Linux- and open source-friendly." He talks exclusively with Dan Farber in a Face to Face interview about acquiring open-source developer Ximian and the latest twists in SCO's battle with Linux users.

August 5, 2003


Monitor your house with a PDA

CNET's Brian Cooley looks at a new service that gives users the ability to control their home security and wired devices such as a cameras and entertainment systems from an Internet-connected desktop, notebook or PDA.

August 4, 2003


A pocket-sized digital TV recorder?

CNET Reviews senior editor Eliot Van Buskirk shows CNET's Brian Cooley the Archos AV300 series of personal video players that tout up to 40-gigabyte hard drives and record from televisions, PCs, digital camcorders and stereos.

August 1, 2003


Defend your systems against security threats

How many layers of security do you have to protect your vital data? In this Webcast, we provide you with the building blocks to create a complete security architecture for your business. We look at access control, firewall technology, intrusion detection and address the unique demands of wireless security.

July 31, 2003


Palm's new Tungsten focuses on multimedia

CNET's Roger Hibbert gives CNET's Brian Cooley a first look at the new Palm Tungsten T2, which comes with 32MB of memory, twice that of its predecessor. The device includes a new "transflective" display, built-in Bluetooth wireless capability and several multimedia features.

July 23, 2003