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Microsoft casts a spyware net

At RSA Conference 2005 in San Francisco, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Zachary Gutt, a product manager in the business security unit, demonstrate SpyNet, an anti-spyware database created by collecting real-time alerts from computer users.

February 15, 2005 by in Microsoft

Timeline of Carly's tenure

During her six years at Hewlett-Packard, former CEO Carly Fiorina was a very visible personality. This timeline takes a look back at some of her most prominent and memorable moments at the helm.

February 10, 2005 by in CXO

Fiorina's reign: What went wrong?

ZDNet Editor in Chief Dan Farber sits down with CNET News.comreporters Michael Kanellos and Stephen Shankland to talk about formerHewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's rocky tenure, what precipitated herdeparture and what lies ahead for the computer giant.

February 9, 2005 by in CXO

Sun's latest approach to the grid

At the unveiling of the Sun Grid in Silicon Valley, Sun Microsystems COOJonathan Schwartz and CEO Scott McNealy present the idea of utilitycomputing as a commodity and respond to questions about dealing with thecompetition.

February 2, 2005 by in Oracle

Business phone flips its lid

The Motorola MPX is a true business phone for the overachiever. It offers a dual-hinged display, QUERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile, GMS and GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 1.2 megapixel camera. CNET Editor in Chief Patrick Houston and Motorola's Monica Rohleder take a look.

January 26, 2005 by in Mobility

Sonoma makes a splash

The new mobile-technology platform includes the Pentium M Dothan processor and other technologies that aim to make mobile computing easy and faster for anyone looking to move away from their desk. Correspondent James Hilliard spoke with Intel's Mooly Eden about the Sonoma launch and where wireless computing is headed.

January 20, 2005 by in Intel

Doing the iPod shuffle

Preparing to jostle with the throng of competitors offering flash-based music players, Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off the new iPod Shuffle at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. It will be available at two price-points and sizes - 512MB for $99 and 1G for $149.

January 11, 2005 by in Apple

Bloopers bedevil Gates at CES

At the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft ChairmanBill Gates ran into more than his share of problems. Here's a look at afew clips from his keynote address, which underscores the theory that ifsomething can go wrong, it will.

January 7, 2005 by in CES


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