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Gadgets in tune at Macworld

New gadgets and software for the Mac were on hand at Macworld 2004 in Boston. ZDNet's David Berlind uncovers the latest, including full-circle iPod speaker systems, software for budding rock stars and the ultimate mobile multimedia editing suite for the video pro on the go.

July 20, 2004 by in Tech & Work

The calculator gave way to the spreadsheet. What will e-mail turn into?

CNET Editor-at-Large Esther Dyson talks with ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber about "meta-mail," her term for the extension of e-mail into a broader set of tools that can manage processes and the user's attention, instead of just information and content. The user remains in a familiar workspace environment, but has the use of the equivalent of "a spreadsheet for process rather than a spreadsheet for numbers." She highlights examples of products on the path to meta-mail, including one from IBM, coming to market soon.

July 19, 2004 by in Enterprise Software

Microsoft spruces up Mac Office

Apple Computer didn't attend Macworld in Boston this year, but Microsoft did. While touring the recently released Office 2004 for Mac with Microsoft Product Manager Jessica Sommer, ZDNet's David Berlind asks about Microsoft's commitment to its Mac line of products.

July 16, 2004 by in Microsoft

Macworld sans Apple: Attendees sound off

Apple made good on its promise not to participate at Macworld this year if promoter IDG took the show to Boston. The impact made a marked difference in attendance by both exhibitors and conference attendees. ZDNet's David Berlind talked to a variety of conference attendees to get their opinions on Apple's absence.

July 16, 2004 by in Apple

Trustworthy yet?

Several recent security issues have ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind questioning the status of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Initiative. Company Vice President Mike Nash joins Berlind to address some of his concerns.

July 15, 2004 by in Security

James Gosling at JavaOne: 'We're not a .Net company'

Java creator James Gosling sits down with ZDNet Editor in Chief Dan Farber during JavaOne for a Face to Face interview. Gosling, CTO for Sun's Developer Products group, talks about the future of the Java language, the impact of Sun's settlement with Microsoft on the direction of Java development, the debate about open sourcing Java and whether Java is in danger of being bifurcated as IBM, BEA and others work outside the Java Community Process.

June 30, 2004 by in Developer

Apple previews next version of Mac OS X

At the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs shows off Tiger, the next version of Mac OS X. The operating system has more than 150 new features, including a systemwide search engine and an update to iChat that allows up to four people to hold a videoconference.

June 28, 2004 by in Apple

The future of digital photo display?

Digital photography is easy until it comes to sorting, labeling and deciding how to share the pictures. Microsoft researcher Steven Drucker shows correspondent James Hilliard the software maker's Photo Triage, a project from the research labs in Redmond that uses the metadata of digital photos to organize and display them across a variety of electronic devices.

June 28, 2004 by in Hardware

Kerry pushes tech platform

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry makes a campaign stop in Silicon Valley to outline his proposed technology policy, which calls for tax cuts on long-term investments in start-ups and more support for broadband technology.

June 24, 2004 by in Start-Ups

Ellison deposition video released

In a taped deposition, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison answers questions about his company's plans to acquire PeopleSoft. He explains why Oracle picked PeopleSoft over other companies and why he thinks it will help him compete against Microsoft.

June 22, 2004 by in Oracle


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