Keeping your PIN private

At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CNET's Brian Cooley sees the latest HP technology available to keep personal identification numbers private using new encryption and printing systems.

April 16, 2003


PC pen is hot to jot

CNET's Brian Cooley looks at a new computer-input device that's part mouse, part electronic pen. It's smaller and cheaper than the competition and works without special paper.

April 11, 2003


McNealy on the real battle: Java vs. .Net

In an exclusive Face to Face interview with ZDNet's Dan Farber and's Michael Kanellos, Scott McNealy says Sun is doubling down on Solaris and embracing Linux, but the real battle is the Java vs. Net fight for the hearts and minds of developers.

April 10, 2003


A new way to attack spyware

Spy Sweeper, released this week, targets spyware that may be unknowingly loaded onto your computer. CNET's Brian Cooley finds out how the software combats the growing problem of hidden programs that may be tracking your private information.

April 7, 2003


Is AOL 8.0 Plus ready for prime time?

The new AOL 8.0 Plus, released this week, is taking on MSN 8 by including virus protection, parental controls and exclusive media content. But AOL Nation columnist Robert Luhn finds many of its features are not yet available.

April 3, 2003


The cell phone turns 30

On the 30th anniversary of the first call made on a cellular handset, CNET's Brian Cooley speaks with the "father of the cell phone" about that historic day--and how far we've come since.

April 2, 2003