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A look at ZoneAlarm Security Suite

Zone Labs has released a more complete security package in efforts to build on the success of its firewall product line. Marketing Director Fred Felman gives ZDNet's David Berlind a tour of the new product and comments on what the release of Microsoft's upcoming Service Pack 2 may mean to competition in the security industry.

June 15, 2004 by in Security

iPod Minis in short supply

Apple Computer's iPod Mini has sold out at retail stores across the United States, prompting weeks-long waiting lists for the digital music player. Correspondent James Hilliard visits the Apple Store in San Francisco, where some shoppers got lucky.

June 10, 2004 by in Apple

Bottom-line pricing for PCs

While demonstrating the soon-to-be-released IBM S50 toolless computer, IBM product marketing manager Stephen Miller points out that in today's market, prices will come down to meet actual computing needs. With that in mind, ZDNet's David Berlind asks: How much PC is enough for an average business user, and when is "technological advancement" simply a price boost?

June 4, 2004 by in Hardware

Zire adds GPS navigation

PalmOne has released a Bluetooth Global Positioning System car kit for the Tungsten T3 and the recently released Zire 72. David Berlind takes a closer look at the latest Zires and the new Navigator attachment with PalmOne product manager Raj Doshi.

June 1, 2004 by in Mobility

Microsoft's efforts to close windows of vulnerability

Expected for release later this year, Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 focuses on three areas of security: default firewall, automatic update and scanning for current virus protection. At CeBit America in New York, Microsoft's Greg Sullivan tells ZDNet's David Berlind that while SP2 is a security improvement for Windows, it's just the first step in a continual fight against network threats.

May 28, 2004 by in Microsoft

OQO's 14oz. PC starts shipping

This OQO runs Windows XP and boasts full computer functionality. In a May interview, OQO's chief technology officer, Jonathan Betts LaCroix, gives ZDNet's David Berlind a demonstration of the pocket-size PC.

May 28, 2004 by in CXO

Cisco unveils new router for telecom carriers

Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and Mike Volpi, general manager of the company's Routing Technology Group, show off the Carrier Routing System-1, which offers a system capacity of 92 terabits per second and enables large carriers to deliver higher volumes of Internet traffic.

May 25, 2004 by in Cisco

Is there still hope for tablet PCs?

The tablet PC, once touted as the executive's cool new gadget, is losing out in the portable PC market, as businesses are sticking with less-expensive laptops. But tablets are serving an important role in vertical markets such as health care. We visited a medical facility in Middleton, Conn., to take a look at how the computers are changing the way doctors do business.

May 21, 2004 by in Enterprise Software

Corporate workstation to go

The highlighter-size Xkey is designed to extend employee access to company Microsoft Exchange servers without a dedicated mobile computer. ZDNet's David Berlind talks with KeyComputing Managing Director Daniel Schreiber about the Xkey's features and security concerns.

May 21, 2004 by in Collaboration

Trade show on a train

Putting a new spin on trade shows, Siemens takes its marketing blitz on a 14-car, 1,000-foot train that has traveled the globe to showcase the company's latest technological advancements. Correspondent James Hilliard takes the tour with Siemens spokesman Steve Morgan.

May 20, 2004 by in Tech Industry

What it takes to secure wireless

What are the biggest challenges to keeping wireless networks secure? ZDNet's David Berlind talks with United Parcel Service Vice President Cathy Calagee, Hewlett-Packard Chief Technologist Paul Congdon and STSN Security Executive Stephen Cobb about what it takes to safeguard wireless networks today.

May 18, 2004 by in Networking

Security is key for VoIP

While bottom-line savings are a popular draw to voice over Internet Protocol, ZDNet's David Berlind talks to Jeff Ridley of ShoreTel and David Heard of SecureLogix about the importance of securing the system against the same attacks that plague data networks.

May 17, 2004 by in Telcos


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