New concept PC has designs on productivity

At the Intel Developer Forum, ZDNet's Pat Houston checks out Marble Falls, Intel's new concept PC that's designed for the personal productivity worker and features enhanced hyper-threading technology, dual screens and a small desktop footprint.

February 20, 2003


Make it a cell phone with everything

It takes still shots and video, has removable storage, offers wireless Web access -- and it's a cell phone. CNET's Brian Cooley talks to CNET's wireless diva, Joni Blecher, about the soon to be released Nokia 3650.

February 14, 2003


Sun overhauls server line

At a news conference in San Francisco, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy unveils a new line of enterprise blade servers and a new business approach that he hopes will streamline the way customers choose, purchase and service their computer networks.

February 10, 2003


ZDNet in 2003

ZDNet's Patrick Houston talks with's Annette Cardwell about the different TV display technologies consumers should test out before making a purchase.

February 3, 2003


IBM has designs on Linux PDA

ZDNet's David Berlind talks to IBM's Jay Lowe about the company's plan to offer a PDA blueprint using its 405 low-power processor. IBM hopes the reference design will spur development of Linux-powered handhelds.

January 30, 2003