Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

Summary: At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, CEO Steve Jobs announces the company's cloud service, iCloud. The service will store content in the cloud and then push it wirelessly to all of the user's devices. Apple is not charging for the service at this time.


Topic: Apple

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  • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

    Seems ironic that ZDNET would provide a Flash based video of this content that won't play on my iPad!
    • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

      @affinitymc well if Apple had decided to support Flash... but the internet doesn't have to rush and change video content just to please Apple
  • Want more irony???

    If you <i>could</i> view this video on your iPad...<br><br>You'd see Steve Jobs start the conversation talking about the 'PC', and how it's obsolete.<br><br>Now, mind you, this is the same term he tried to differentiate his company from 3 years ago when he was trying to sell you a different bill of goods... remember 'Mac vs PC' commercials ???<br><br>Now, all of the sudden, since Steve has got a new bill of goods to sell, a Mac is a 'PC' again.<br><br>It's quite funny that someone can stand in front of an audience of people and tell them: "nevermind what we've been saying for the last number of years, here's what we're saying now, and we expect you to like it"<br><br>And... LMAO, true to idiot Apple fanboi form, as if on cue: Steve says BS catch phrases like "It just works", and the sheep audience applauds.<br><br>LMFAO... and I quote: <i>"About 10 years ago, we had one of our most important insights, and that was, that the PC was going to become the digital hub for your digital life..."</i><br><br>Yeah, Steve, you guys were the <i><b>ONLY</i></b> ones that had that thought. Windows, Linux... I guess they were still trying to direct storage to floppies, huh?<br><br>And now: "Hey, there's thing this called <i>The Cloud</i>"... Um, Really? We weren't aware... <b>Nobody</b> else has any offerings for this so-called "Cloud". Apps? Music? Docs? Nahhh... Google, MS, Amazon they wouldn't have any clue how to do that.<br><br>What a Putz</i>
    • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

      @SonofaSailor Keep fvcking that chicken.
    • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

      "nevermind what we've been saying for the last number of years, here's what we're saying now, and we expect you to like it"

      Reminds me of religion.

      Oh snap!
      Scarface Claw
  • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

    i don't know, it's still not good enough reason to spend $1,000.00 on a macbook when i just bought a used 14" thinkpad T61 for $260 and loaded it with ubuntu which comes with cloud service.
  • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

  • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

    Trusting your digital memories/documents/files to the cloud! It will take me some time to feel comfortable with this, especially given the high profile hacking on Sony and others recently. This will be an irresistible treasure trove of information that may be used by others to assume/steal your identity.
  • RE: Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

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