Apple introduces the iPad

Apple introduces the iPad

Summary: At an Apple press event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces the iPad. The new mobile device is a half-inch thin and weighs 1.5 pounds. It's powered with a 1GHz Apple A4 chip and comes with 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The new device plays movies, music, TV shows, and acts as an e-reader. It will cost $499 for the 16GB version.


Topics: iPad, Apple, Mobility, Networking, Wi-Fi

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  • Problems so far...

    $499 is NOT agressive. $299 would be agressive. Especially without a front facing camera!

    Bezel is to big around screen.

    Resolution is probably too low.

    Not 16x9

    No SD card slot! BIG PROBLEM! :(

    No USB port.

    No mention yet of Flash support in browser!

    I think I'll stick with my netbook for now...
    • bluetooth stereo headset

      Does it have the capability for a bluetooth stereo
      headset? The iphone is lacking this capability.
      big negative for me.
    • There's are more no's than that

      No multi-tasking
      No physical keyboard in a laptop sized device
      No removable battery
      No PC apps

      I'm, sure this list will grow with time. :\
  • RE: Apple introduces the iPad

    I love it!

    I think the iPad will do for eBooks what the iPod did for MP3s.

    And I know two ways that the iPad is going to revolutionise how small businesses make money. I've just blogged a quick couple of thoughts about it -

    What do you reckon?

    • Umm... No.

      What's so good about this device? The battery would be awful -- certainly nowhere near the eBook readers already out there that can last for days without needing to be recharged. And manipulating a webpage with your fingers (in lieu of a mouse) is incredibly infuriating to do. This is a terrible idea. I hope the members of the Apple cult eventually come around.
    • Glorified iPhone that Costs More won't Fly! ;)

      It's a giant iPhone or iPad with the same OS installed. How revolutionary is that? NOT!!! ...and big isn't better when you have a device that has no protection for the screen like a laptop. Tablets in general have failed to reach the general public like net books. Mainly because of price and at $600 that isn't going to change.

      This are for a niche market and won't sell guaranteed!!! ...unless they get below $300!

      Cheap Netbooks are on the way from Google with their own 4G WiMax towers going on the roof of Walmarts Nationwide. You'll be hooked up instantly as you walk out the door. Believe it or not all people want to do is browse the web, make calls on Google Voice, dock it in their car to follow Google Mags and use the Cloud productively! :D
  • So wait, the iPad is new because....what?

    So, from watching the video stream on, I don't understand how any of this is innovative. Just a couple of weeks ago (@ CES), people were announcing Touch-enabled Slate (i.e., the screen is removable) Netbooks...

    So, if I take one of those (running Windows 7, not sure if there is a Linux equivalent on the Touch-enabled front) and I add iTunes or Zune for that fact, plus any Windows/Linux App that runs on a Netbook... then isn't that the same thing?

    I mean the whole App-Store part is interesting, but a netbook has an App-Store's called Best Buy,, Steam, etc.

    And, when I want to get some real work done, I can put the Slate PC back into the dock and I have a netbook. The iPad can do that as well, with the keyboard dock,'s an underpowered Slate-based netbook...

    What am I missing here (assuming that I don't care if it's a Mac, a Windows 7-based, or Linux-based..assuming it exist, touch-enabled machine)?

    I forgot that I have to also add the Kindle PC application and to plug my cell phone (or Cell USB device) when I am mobile.

    Oh, and my netbook has a camera the ability to hook USB-based peripherals, an actual wired connection (as well as wireless) if I want...
    • Don't you understand? It doesn't matter

      People listed many perfectly valid reasons why the
      iPhone v1 sucked but Apple sold millions of them.
      Ultimately, it doesn't matter how much the iPad
      sucks or how much better 5 year old devices are.
      Ultimately, Apple's profits are all that matter.
      The iPad will bring in the big bucks. Therefore,
      the iPad is great.
      • I guess....

        Maybe you are right, because it doesn't make any logical me, that is...

        Ok, I will go back and stand near the flock (by the rest of the sheep) so that the herdsmen (IT Pundants and Apple, for the sake of Apple fans) don't notice that I am just not following the flock anymore.
        • yep...

          looks like an oversized ipod touch...
    • Didn't you hear Steve...

      "This is a magical device, at a breakthrough price."

      It's Magical!!! It'll magically start sucking $499 out of peoples wallets!

      Looks to me like the iSlab is a slightly enhanced, giant$500 iPod Touch. STILL no multitasking.
    • Netbook

      This is the second time netbooks have been given a bad rap.
      My Acer Aspire One rocks for $299
      I got another for $379 with WXGA because I wanted slighty more resolution.

      iPad = iPhone but bigger
      • re: Netbook

        I agree netbooks are a lot better and can do way more than tablets for about a fraction of the price. I am running linux (Mandriva) on my little netbook and besides the physical size, I feel like I have like 8gb RAM and a grade A GPU. Whatever the OS, it isn't quite as bad as people say it is (actually I love the keyboard more than anything, it makes me look like a speed daemon. The screen is a little small but now it just seems like other monitors are just too big. IDK I am in the process of converting my desktops as servers and leave myself a 15-inch laptop and a netbook. The best computers I could ever ask for.
    • Bingo

      The removable screen slate is the true innovation that optimizes functionality of the netbook form factor. The iPad seems to combine the disadvantages of smartphone and netbook form factors. Carrying around a screen that size without protection is going to be a problem.
      Lester Young
  • Another world conquest ala GINGER!

  • RE: Apple introduces the iPad

    Ridiculous. And the battery probably lasts a full 20 minutes before needing recharging. *rolls eyes* These die-hard Apple fans are just getting delusional.
  • lol

    Nice to see the ZD-Net Apple haters out in full force today.
    • Heh...

      I used to love Apple, but eventually realized their products were just shiny overpriced garbage. I recently switched from iPhone to Nexus One and haven't looked back since. Now it's so nice to be able to make calls without them being dropped, and to use a phone that doesn't freeze up.
  • But how absorbant is it?

    iPad: for all your feminine hygiene needs.
    • All of them?

      Not unless it has iDouche. Still beats the CrunchPad, though.
      Lester Young