Apple iPhone OS 4.0 brings folders for apps

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 brings folders for apps

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates folder creation for organizing apps in the new iPhone operating system due out in the summer.


Topics: Mobility, Apple, Apps, Hardware, iPhone, Smartphones

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  • Ipod Touch

    I was wondering if they will have a similar operating system that will allow u to create folders for Itouch and Ipad
    Creeping Critter
    • RE: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 brings folders for apps

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  • RE: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 brings folders for apps

    Wow. Incredible. $600 device in 2010 has folders to organized programs! My PocketPC from 1999 could do that. Once again to show how stupidly the media is focused on every little thing Apple does.
    • RE: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 brings folders for apps

      @idealab I agree... Organising folders, if it does this now then its not a new feature its something that apple managed to fix now...

      Hmmm may be someone should created a File in their new phone calling it a law suit for having this feature as Apple didnt impliment it first... Seems to be rutine task... ;)
  • What time is it? 10:15:00??

    I notice they're no longer showing the clock icon. It is a static icon showing 10:15:00. He makes a big play of being able to group applications and set a wallpaper, however Apple are WAY behind here.

    Android has widgets on the desktop. You can have a folder widget too, or a multi-tasking clock widget or any other item can be widgetized.

    Really the software guys need to buck up their ideas, and stop relying on Job's salesman ship. They've only just introduced multi-tasking, and that's only partially supported, on iPad they can only support subsets of the web, Flash being the notable omission, and stuff like this is only catchup.