Apple unveils iTunes LP

Apple unveils iTunes LP

Summary: Jeff Robbin, Apple's vice president of consumer applications, shows off iTunes 9's new LP feature. Purchased albums come with many extras, including album art, song lyrics, photos, and video.


Topics: Apple, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility

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  • iTunes Common Choppy Video Problem

    iTunes Common Choppy Video Problem needs to be addressed !!
  • RE: Apple unveils iTunes LP

    Not interested.

    I've got 2 issues with iTunes (apart from the video
    playing problems it has in common with QuickTime)

    1) The filesize: 99 Mb for iTunes download. What are
    the Apple developers doing with this space? I remember
    when iTunes was approx 30Mb download and I don't see a
    massive increase in functionality between the versions
    apart from including all that crap that most of us
    turn off - ie Genius sidebar etc. Compare this to
    Windows Media Player 11 - approx 25Mb - which can also
    synch devices, play music, play video, build a library
    of your media, search online for missing media info.
    I'm not a Microsoft person or anti-Apple but I think
    the iTunes developers need to re-think there
    underlying design. iTunes uses 4 times the resources
    of any other media player I know or use, it also takes
    3 times longer to start than any other mediaplayer I
    use. This is simply BAD and LAZY coding!

    2) The ability to find missing media info - why must I
    get an account (or whatever the things called) to get
    basic info about my media. In fact why must I sign-up
    with Apple to do the most basic of media manipulation
    on MY OWN COMPUTER! Even the allegedly big, bad
    Microsoft doesn't force me to do this kind of crap!