Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iMovie application for the iPad 2, which brings the popular video editing program to the tablet. The price will be $4.99 when the iPad 2 ships on March 11.


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  • Wow... edit feature films on an iPad.. NOT

    What about 1080P? What do you do when you have to distribute your work without Blu-ray discs, buy 1000 iPads and give THEM away instead? Why not flash drives? How am I supposed to give moguls Blu-rays to watch on the Plasma 65" in their offices, Mr. Jobs? I'm competing with the MAJORS and PROS.
    Oh but Johnny can make a movie on his iPad. Cute.
    Give Pros MAC OS Blu-ray, Dr. Evil! Enough is enough!!
    • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

      @xbjllb Regardless if you like it or not this could be a great tool to work on a rough cut while on a plane.
      • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

        @non-biased And when you finished it, how would you show it to anyone en masse in best available quality?
    • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

      @xbjllb 1080p Final Cut Studio on your Mac. What most of the major studios do. New version of FCS being shown/released soon is supposed to be phenomenal over anything else.

      This is for pushing to YouTube and Facebook that the majority of the general public use. You could post to your own YouTube channel for private viewing/screening. Again, for 720p not 1080p. This is after-all a smaller device designed for that audience. For $5 it is awesome.

      I have Blu-ray on my Mac (read and burn) with FCS and Toast 10/11. Drive/housing was under $200.
    • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

      I absolutely agree about the blueray argument as well as the Dr. Evil one LOL! ;P
      I have had a Blueray burner in my mac for a while now and have used it under Windows. The mac can use it too but only with Toast/FCS. Under mac can't play BD. No macs can be used as a Home Theater system as iSteve could not care less. Speaking of which... I did write several times since the mini came out with Intel chips asking to consider the addition of HDMI output that would be capable of carrying 1080HD and 5.1 audio, plus allowing Bluray playback... needless to say the requests got promptly ignored.
      I was an early adopter of 1st gen. Apple TV and after that experience I will never buy any such disappointing products (HDMI would not output 5.1 audio, AppleTV can't play 1080HD content). I had to hack it to be able to sporadically make it bearable to watch some content using boxee.
      Today's Apple TV2 lost storage/purchase ability and can only rent content at 99? and up per rental (I guess iSteve has never heard of Netflix?). Similarly all iDevices are no more than "trays" to "eat" at the iTunes/Store "Restaurant"... that's a biz model I would not argue with, but seeing what all that thinking different as led to nowadays I really lost my appetite therefore I hope I'd be excused if I won't eat at chez-iSteve's restaurant.

      As an owner of several macs through the years since the classic, I am quite upset to see how Apple's direction has taken a turn towards "the Dark Side" is always preached against... but most of all I hate to see how the Mac OS X has been neglected lately including the inexcusable lack of Bluray that is completely political. Since all the narcissistic iDevices have come to market. Personally I do not care about iStuff them as they are a bit too tied to the iTunes ecosystem. I still like to think different and love my freedom, but Mr. Jobs seem to have changed view... or maybe that 1984-inspired add for the Macintosh was really the opposite of what it was wanted to convey and it really meant the Macintosh was going to eventually make 1984 a reality.
    • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

      That will make iPad users happy and I have nothing against it. Though I wonder how video editing would not be draining the battery on the iPad, while Flash would.
      I really don't get it... the claim that the hardware is super powerful do not apply when it comes to let iPad run Flash. Please! All that BS in the open letter about Flash not being optimized for touch and all the rest of brainwashing crap was such a low and measly political move to avoid having the business model threatened by a powerful multimedia and development tool. What videos and music would iTunes sell if users could easily load, play and even stream their own ripped MP3s and video collections using applications built in Flash or Flex? What if the competition would offer streaming videos for purchase or a fee via a Flash player application? What if all great flash games started to be available for a few bucks or for free? What if all kinds of cool apps started to be sold to iPad users? Then Apple's business model to sell content would end up down the drain!

      I would have had not lost respect for Mr. Jobs if he would have been honest in his "Thoughts on Flash" ( and if he would have said something more along the lines of the truth like "Hey, it's our platform and we want no competition on it, period! Don't like it? Don't buy it!"
      The lies about and excuses about Flash have been just badly concealed lies. The argument of being closed and proprietary is to say the least incorrect: SWF and FLV video formats and the Flex SDK have been open sourced, only the Flash IDE remains proprietary, but with SWF being open, developers could build their own IDEs that output SWFs... and the lazy ones could just use Eclipse and Flex SDK ;D.

      The arguments about shortening battery life are also inaccurate, maybe if Apple iOS was not preventing access to hardware acceleration on their devices, then Flash video will consume the same amount of power than when playing H264 videos and should we mention that H264 is Apple's proprietary format? Then again if Apple would allow Adobe to leverage both hardware and software there would be no 2x battery drainage! My friggin Droid 1st gen can run flash for hours with no problems! And putting all fighting aside, when it comes to running Flash or not it should be up to me as an iDevice owner to choose to do so! Running Flash should be solely be my decision not iSteve's.
      Shouldn't it be the buyer to decide what to install on their device? At the very least I should be left free to make that choice. So that if I am ok with using my iDevice to run flash apps/videos instead of using iOS-native apps (even if that would cut my operating time in half), that would be none of iSteve's business, but mine. Just issue a friggin warning that my battery may be draining 2x as fast and let me use Flash! Oh... wait... No that can never be allowed since those devices are simply one of the trays to consume products from the Apple iTunes ecosystem. ;)

      Another argument that stands on legs of clay is the lack of touch-specific UI... what a load of crock! Flash 10.1 already supported multitouch. Plus is not like Flash would replace iOS! What's the fear Steve? Come clean if you got at least one stone left! Additionally flash was plenty compatible! And what to say about the alleged low performance issues? Even more BS! I have a darn Mac Pro and guess what... while on a PC I can upgrade Mobo, Graphic Card, RAM to match the latest most powerful and stable available on the market to make a kick ass workstation, my 8-core mac pro today can't be upgraded past a certain level because its technology is now outdated and an upgrade would require to buy a new super expensive Mac Pro from Apple! Everyone bashed Microsoft for being crappy and all and although I can't say to like them all that much at least they do not try to sell me a machine that can't be upgraded as easily as a PC can... Microsoft only sells an OS! Oh... and by the way, to put things even more in the proper perspective, I believe that Mac would be as unstable and would suck as badly if it was to support the same number of hardware manufacturers as Windows does... now let's at least be honest and give Caesar what's Caesar's.

      And just in case you were were wondering, back then Adobe also replied to the Flash bashing here CS5 supposed to ship with a fully Apple blessed packager for iOS that had already been used by beta testers who submitted several apps to the iTunes store. Apps what had been accepted and released to the store after successful approval... but I guess Apple got really afraid there since just 2 weeks before the release of Adobe's latest Creative Suite version, Apple in the most sneaky of ways changed the terms in the iPhone developer program license essentially to prohibit release of apps not done using its own XCode tools... so much for "open system"!
      You can read more here and here

      I am just disgusted with Apple in the past few years and although I still use a mac I am no longer the proud owner I was in the past, definitely no longer a supporter either since iSteve has shown his real scroogy self in full glory. Sad for someone who like what Apple used to stand for and tragic for those who believed that hinking different really meant something.
  • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

    I'm looking at this web page with my iPad 2, and I can't watch the video because it requires Adobe Flash Player. Ironic, isn't it?
  • RE: Apple's iMovie debuts on iPad 2

    I'm really glad I got to watch the guy demoing the product instead of the product itself being demoed. Thanks, camera man!