Apple's new iOS 6 packed with features

Apple's new iOS 6 packed with features

Summary: Apple's Scott Forstall demos a new beta version of iOS. The revamped mobile operating system includes an upgrade to Siri, Facebook integration, and FaceTime connectivity through a cellular network. There's also a new feature called Passbook, which stores boarding passes, store cards, and movie tickets.


Topic: iOS

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  • Oh Joy!

    Now my IPhone friends will be able to do things I have been doing for years on my Android. :-)
  • Love it

    A video about iOS and I can't watch it on my iPad because it needs Adobe flash!!
  • Isn't Flash dead for Mobile Devices?

    Why still create new content with it? Use html5.
    Flash is slow, jerky, has bad buffering, difficult to stop, rewind, replay from half way etc. Time to retire it. Better and more universal, less resource intensive systems are already in common use.
    • not that good

      I've looked at HTML5 and unless browsers get better at the controls it's going to go nowhere fast. every browser I tried did not have the ability to go full screen. Hopefully that gets corrected soon.
  • Nothing to see here

    Connect to Facebook, connect to face time thru the cellular network. Really???? Lipstick on a pig will still make it a pig!!
  • Facebook integration?!?!

    I've never heard of such a thing!!!! Oh wait. Had it for about a year now. You can like apps now?! Yeah, cause Ping was so wildly successful.