Biotech for food, fuel

Biotech for food, fuel

Summary: At the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference in Sausalito, Calif., J. Craig Venter says going from food to fuel--corn to ethanol--is taking resources in the wrong direction. He discusses oil palm and the jatropha genome as future fuel possibilities, and talks about algae as a way to convert carbon back into a useful chemical.

TOPICS: Health

Topic: Health

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  • Bottled Water

    Interesting that this talk (while very good) was given at the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference and there is a bottle of water sitting on the podium. You would think the organizers/speakers would be a little "greener" than that given the impacts of bottled water.
  • RE: Biotech for food, fuel

    The leftovers after making ethanol are sent to feedstock manufacturers to produce a high-protein feed for cattle and hogs. So using corn is not a "food or fuel" proposition. However, it should only be used as an interim measure until other better solutions are viable.