Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

Summary: KR Sridhar, CEO of Bloom Energy touts his new Bloom Box fuel cell at a press event in Sunnyvale, California. The technology is designed to be stacked into small blocks and housed in a unit about the size of a refrigerator.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • so... is this real? does it work?

    Right away it looks like a hoax because there is no demonstration, no
    mention of how long they deliver power.. no details besides the wattage
    and how big they are.
    • You can see pictures and demonstrations elsewhere all over the web.

      Its nothing new, its just a refinement of old
      technology just like he said. It's been around for
      decades. Very real but price tagged at $200,000
      per 25kW unit if I remember right.

      They need to find a better spokes person though,
      he took too long to say way too little. If he
      didn't have that much to say he could have told a
      funny story or something about the development.
  • RE: Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

    I had an opportunity to work for this company supporting only the executives with their desktop support and communications needs. But I turned it down, however there is something stimulating about working for a company that is on the forefront of developing new technology (or re-inventing) technology. Best of Luck to Bloom Technology!!!
  • RE: Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

    I like this but THEY SAY its not Ready 4 Home use! jus for business Use. I think. it has somthing 2 do with the power companies who want 2 find a way 2 control this from a RESIDENTAL point of view. if u read the Artical or web page. It says its working with the power companies 2 find away 2 implement this on a Home owners leval. Meaning The power company can still hav a part of the action.
  • RE: Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

    Unfortunately Money talks. Power companies are in a world of hurt if each house were equipped with this. Price will be a deciding factor. I ws going to go solar until I saw tis and now want to go with ios as it is less destuctive to the house. ,If it weere to go on the market for individuals what would teh pprice be?? Woulld the price cchange the solar opewration . I would feel that their world is ina stat4e of turmoil right now to compare with the smaller installation unit.. ask this.. Can it be made available to the individual??? kope73@knology.netsince it will apparently be more emission free the world has to accept it...
  • This is being used by some very big money companies

    Google, Amazon, Ebay, Fed-ex and a few others are using the Bloom Energy Server. They said it works on 60 minutes. So although it's not ready for the consumer now, wait a little while and Moore's Law may make it practical for all. Every great breakthrough had many detractors and doubters and many more seeming breakthroughs broke down and died. The good new is that this one does work and someone eventually and relatively soon will get a practical consumer product out.

      My thing is that SINCe the BIG Corporations have it how comw you cant make it vaulable for consumer use? If this thing can power a building it can & Shud power my house PLUS SOME! If im willing to dish out the Cash for this LET ME! Like i said, Its a wheel & deal thing too where you are gona have to pay a monthly ELECTRIC BILL no matter what!
  • RE: Bloom Energy unveils the Bloom Box

    Poor guy, tries to take some cr*ap to a higher level... But noone would buy anything from someone like that.